Scientists call to stop the descent of the Moscow pond to save birds

Ornithologists call the Moscow authorities to suspend for a month descent pond in Kuskovo to the Red Birds had to put the chicks on the wing, told RIA Novosti the Russian Bird Conservation Union (accompanied) Elena Zubakina.

"According to our data, the work began to drain the pond at the Palace Kuskovskaya Park (south-east of Moscow), but on the pond and brought chicks nesting grebes (water bird of the family pogankovyh, listed as endangered in Moscow — Ed.). Necessary to enable the chicks get up on the wing and migrate to a safe place. I think about a month to suspend "- explained Zubakina.

As confirmed by RIA Novosti, the representative organization of the contractor, "the preparatory work for the reconstruction of the pond are maintained in accordance with the project."

He also said that the reconstruction of the Palace pond will be completed in November 2013.

According to the head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Moscow Anton Kulbachevsky, a preliminary survey was conducted in the pond in 2010. According to the experts, the reconstruction of the pond can hold.

Meanwhile, birdwatchers come to the telephone "hot line" Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the City of Moscow, a statement about the threat of the destruction of Red Data bird species in Kuskovo, and sent a letter to the environmental prosecutor's office of Moscow with the requirement to suspend work until the Kuskovo grebes nesting period.

As explained RIA Novosti the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Moscow, the Department intends to suspend the renovation of the pond in Kuskovo until the breeding period chicks.

"The department will send a letter to the" Mosvodostok "(the organization that oversees the repair work — Ed.) To stop work until the end of the period of breeding chicks, which will end on August 1," — said the source.

Ornithologists are reminded that palace pond in 2009 serves as a nesting grebes, and all, according to the Red Book of the City of Moscow (2011), grebes nest only four points within the Ring Road.

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