Scientists have discovered the skull mummy tool to remove the brain

December 18, 2012 7:06

Tool to remove the brain that used by the ancient Egyptian embalmers, was found in the skull of the mummy woman left there thousands of years ago.

Three-inch object was located in the body of 40-year-old woman and is dated 2400 year, initially caused confusion among researchers. After all, they could not immediately determine what it was.

After the CT scan, the researchers found that the device is located between the left parietal bone and the back of the skull, which during the mummification were filled with resin.

In an effort to learn the tool and disconnect it from the resin, to which it is stuck, the team used an endoscope — a thin tube that is often used for non-invasive medical procedures.

Embalmers put this tool through a hole pierced in the skull around the nose and used it to melt and remove the brain.

In the interview with LiveScience, Dr. Mislav Cavka, from University Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb, Croatia, explained the tools to get it off the clip through the endoscope.

"Some of the (brain) was wrapped around the stick and we got it, and the other part was liquefied and stayed in the middle," — says Dr. Cavka.
"It was an oversight that the embalmer left that stick in your skull," Error millennia ago today helped researchers understand the ancient process of embalming.

The tool was made from plants such as bamboo, which are used instead of metal because it was cheaper.

The only tool to remove the brain, which is inside the mummy's skull dates back 2,200 years and was made from the same type of material.

Details appear in the recently published report of the team, Dr. Mislav Cavka log RSNA RadioGraphics.

This mummy is now in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, Croatia.
She was taken to Croatia in the 19th century, without a coffin, and do not know what the class was a woman and she died.

"We know that mummification was widely practiced throughout the ancient Egyptian civilization, but it was difficult and expensive protsessom.Ne everyone could afford to follow the procedure of mummification."

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