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It seems that Russian researchers have found this mystical country

Night lights shone from the narrow ridge. To resist it is impossible for.

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In order to see what is going on at the top of the sacred Mount Kailash, the members of the expedition attempting to climb the nearby peak — Gurla-Mandhata, which is higher for almost a kilometer. After all, he can not ascend Kailash — Indomitable awaits imminent death.

Strange lights

— The base camp we had at the height of 5300 meters, — says Alexander Selvachev — for acclimatization.

The first night I saw a little distance a beam of light — as if a man walked with a flashlight, waving it in different directions. Fearing the local gangsters who are still found, I ordered to put out all the fires in the camp. A ray of light came close to the camp and was gone in just a few tens of meters. I spotted the place. In the morning went to look. It was found that the light source is on a narrow hrebtike on which could not pass even the most experienced climber. Yes, even at night! What was it — is unknown.

Another time, we saw the same lights are on the most Gourley. Moreover, at the altitude of Kailash: in the area of glaciers. Rays proceeded with almost vertical walls — we climbed back later in the afternoon. The reflection of the moon or the stars of the ice disappears — the sky was in the clouds. Lights, by the way, the light is very long. We even managed to take a picture, put the camera with a 15-minute hold.

Picture of the mysterious lights was taken at night from a distance of about 1 — 2 km. The lights were hung for a long time, and managed to make their image by putting the camera on maximum exposure.

By the way, this is what wrote in his diary in 1926, the most famous seeker Shambhala Nicholas Roerich, as in the Himalayas, "Solar cloudless morning — sparkling clear blue sky … And we see — at high altitude something brilliant moves in the direction from north to south. Of the tents brought three powerful binoculars. We are seeing a voluminous spheroidal body glistening in the sun, clearly visible among the blue sky. It moves very quickly. Then we notice how it changes direction more to the south-west and is hidden behind a snow chain … Lama whisper: "Sign of Shambhala."

Malignant tumor appeared and disappeared

— Last we broke camp at an altitude of 7200 meters. To the top of the transition remained one — about seven hours. But then began a blizzard — wind knocked down. Two nights lain in close six of the tent. At this altitude, due to lack of oxygen the body works hard, even when the person is not doing anything. And the strength to go to the top left. When the wind died down, three of them were sent down to prepare the camp. I and two others were left to collect the tent. Came only after five hours.

One of us (the name is called at the request of the victim. — Ed.) Began to fall behind. Suddenly I see that he sits on the ice and take off one's shoes. Bare feet in these conditions — the right frostbite. "What are you doing?" — Shouted to him. The guy replied, "I do not know" — and lost consciousness.

They had to arrange another overnight stay. The next day our friend woke up, but was kicking the bag and roll on it as on a sled. Our questions did not react.

Alexander Selvachevu to the top Gurla-Mandhata snowstorm prevented access.

At the final stage of his illness altitude sickness do not like — no foam from the mouth (pulmonary edema), nor the lack of coordination of movement (swelling of the brain). I kept throwing him different things, it clearly caught them. Not walked unsteadily.

Already at the bottom of the guy started to confuse the word. Then completely stopped talking. More and more weakened. His desires were reduced to the most primitive — drinking, eating, toilet, cold.

From Darchen victim was sent to Kathmandu and from there to Moscow by plane. In the hospital it. Burdenko he came 15 days after the first attack. Diagnosis: an extensive malignant tumor in the brain, the diameter is 10 centimeters. Alas, it is incurable. But a week later, when doing repetitive images, it appears that the tumor … disappeared. What was it, no one really did not understand.

PS In Moscow, the patient quickly on the mend. In TSKG them. Burdenko happened in general, a miracle: somehow the chief doctor came in a box for seriously ill patients, where our victim was lying. And I saw a bearded man weighing 100 pounds, which chugged wrung from the floor. Scandal … I had to write.

Roerich traveled under the banner of Buddhism-Leninism.


Shambhala by Nicholas Roerich

The historian Anton PERVUSHIN:

— Roerich wanted in the center of Asia to create a "New Country" in the Buddhist model. For this, he was going to find Shambhala and to establish the relationship between the Mahatmas and the Bolsheviks. In the summer of 1926 Roerich was negotiating with representatives of the Soviet government — Chicherin and Lunacharsky. Abstracts of his report were as follows:

The teaching of the Buddha — the revolutionary movement, and the upcoming reborn Buddha — a symbol of communism.

Simple teaching of the Buddha must be easy to take people.

Europe will be stunned Union Buddhism with Leninism.

The Mongols, Tibetans and Kalmyks are willing to make time prophecies of the coming Buddha to the current evolution.

During the expedition intended to visit the Roerich Shambhala, which was given an entirely specific place on the map — the north-western part of the Tibetan Plateau. However, in the course of the expedition Roerich paintings inspired by the complete collapse of Buddhism in Tibet and at the same time deeply offended behavior Tibetan authorities, do not miss his train to Lhasa, dramatically changed his mind. Since that time, the Shambhala for it had nothing to do with Tibet — this "museum rarity of ignorance."

Tomorrow, March 17, read about how the expedition found flying man.

Andrew MOISEENKO March 16, 2005

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