Secret of Shambhala disclosed? Part 3




It seems that Russian researchers have found this mystical country

Residential cave at an altitude of 15 meters above the ground. How to get people — is not clear …

(Continued in the rooms for 15 and 16 March)

Multi-day blizzard and a mysterious illness of one of the members of the expedition to climb the mountain prevented Gurla-Mandhata. I had to go down, but on the way managed to uncover a few puzzles.

Frozen German

— At an altitude of about 6500 meters, we came across a frozen into the ice rope on three ice screws — says expedition leader Alexander Selvachev. — The German mark on it. The Nazis and in fact equipped expeditions to Tibet before the start of the Second World War. But there is no evidence that they had ever been on the mountain Gurla-Mandhata. Before us, there were only the Americans and the Japanese.

The rope went deep into a depression and was located in such a way as if it was hanging on the people. What he was looking for, unknown — the whole failure was bound dark monolith of ice. Tried to peck him, but soon realized that this result will not, but you can get tired quickly.

Living and dead water

The second most holy place after Kailas — Mansarovar Lake and Rakshas Tal. The first — round salt lake that symbolizes "life", "good." The second — a pond with fresh water, reminiscent of a crescent — the "death", "evil." It is believed that Mansarovar — relict water, remaining with the unthinkable ancient times when the sea lapped here. There is another version — salt pond fed by warm springs of volcanic origin. In Raksas Thale can not swim — one of us tried and sores on his body healed in Moscow. But a dip in Mansarovar — then wash away the sins.

Both lakes are connected by a canal. Water flows from a "live" in Mansarovar 'dead' Rakshasa. In 1950, when the Chinese took over Tibet, the flow dried up. It remains only a dry bed of thirty meters wide. But a few years ago there was a trickle again. And Tibetans attribute this event to the alleged impending release of their country from occupation.

Palma Tashi three years wants to master the art of levitation. Therefore, a hermit living on the banks of Mansarovar vpeschere.

Where did the legend of the flying people

On the banks of lakes stretching mountain slopes, in which Tibetans are digging caves. Such homes are thousands of caves. It is evident that some very ancient — from cave-ins arches, half buried entrances. Tibetans have great respect for people who are in such places alone lived for several years. This is also one of the stages on the path to enlightenment.

Interestingly, the caves are arranged in two or more stages. And it is unclear how people got to the "upper levels", which were exactly once inhabited — kept the doors and windows. The inlets to overlook the steep slope at an altitude of 5 — 15 meters. No rungs, ladders, depressions in the rocks on which there could be to climb, no. As if people are shooting up there in the air. So, it seems, and the legend of yogis who can levitate.

However, perhaps levitation — no joke. In one of the caves we met an Indian pilgrim, speaking in English Palma Tashi. He has no doubt that learn to fly. Three years have been living in a cave 2 x 2 meters. It feeds on alms. Non-stop reading mantras, and sitting in the lotus position, occasionally bouncing, checks its ability to fly. Says he have to wait long. And assures us that he saw people who learn this. But, he said, now there are none — "they quickly go to nirvana."

German rope frozen into the ice. How did she get to the holy mountain?


Himalayan Nazis

Says writer Anton PERVUSHIN:

— In the Third Reich at the initiative of the scientist-orientalist, Karl Haushofer and a veteran of the National Socialist Party, a companion of Hitler, Rudolf Hess was organized several expeditions to the Himalayas. Haushofer would form an alliance with the secret rulers of Shambhala and use their advice in strategic issues. The fulfillment of this mission was assigned to the SS officer Ernst Schaefer.

But Schaeffer was a reasonable person in the legend of Shambhala believed. He has carried out three purely geographical expedition to Tibet. Schaeffer was the first European to see the pandas and brought to Europe this stuffed animal. Found that on the maps incorrectly specified the source of the Yangtze, and described the many unknown plants. In 1938, Schaeffer got to Lhasa (Tibet's capital), which organized the so-called "Meeting of Western and Eastern swastikas."

However, contacts with the Third Reich Tibet is not limited to expeditions Schaeffer. There is evidence that Hitler had consulted with some Tibetan monk who wore green gloves. A Soviet soldiers in Berlin discovered more than a thousand corpses of people with traits of people from the Himalayas, who fought on the German side. Who are they and why were so far away from home, remains a mystery …


Russian spies in Tibet was not

There is a legend that in the 20 — 30 years of the last century in Tibet penetrated Soviet intelligence in order to explore the area and make a revolution. But judging by the Soviet genshtabovskie cards in 1986 — in Tibet none of our cartographers did not happen.

— For example, the map height Gurla-Mandhata — 8222 meters — outraged Alexander Selvachev. — But in the world of 14 eight-thousanders-mountains, and Gurla in this list is not included. It knows every climber, but experts do not know the General Staff. On Soviet maps at all distorted, almost all the height in Tibet. So it might happen only if the maps were based on photographs from space.

In the next edition of the daily "KP" read about the mysterious palace-nebockrebe, discovered by the expedition.

Andrew MOISEENKO March 17, 2005

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