Secrets of the Old Sphinx




"Father of Terror" — so this was called cyclopean statue of a man-lion in ancient papyri. Why did the Egyptians so scared …

… His good-natured face gazing into the sky?

The main scientific version reads: Sphinx was built by the architects of the pharaoh Khafra (Hafu-Ra) as an additional decoration of the pyramid, and the head of the statue is the face of the divine monarch. However, this version is based on the legend, recorded after a half millennium (!) After the death of Khafre. According to her, "Hafu, a favorite of Ra, the Sphinx gave his face."

Note — Only the person. In which nothing serious, even given its size. And at first glance it is clear that the head relative to the torso of the statue disproportionately small. And yet — well-preserved. Despite the fact that in the period from 2400 BC until the end of the XIX century AD torso Sphinx remains under the sand bar that is been protected from the damaging effects of wind and sun, unlike exposed to the blows of the elements of the royal brow. But, contrary to logic, his head is just what it looks much better disfigured body element!

This has led many to question the true guardian of the stone age of the pyramids. And 10 years ago, there were backed up by the formulas and data analysis of the new information about the date of "birth" of the statue — distant from us at 11 — 12 thousand years. However, at this point there was a big scandal, because to break the current theory of human history, no one would have wanted — and, above all, because it is based on written hundreds of doctoral dissertations. In addition, one hundred twenty centuries ago in the Nile Valley lived only East African pygmies, who really could not even build a decent hut. So hurry sensation identified in section "incredible" and the official scientific world did not consider it seriously.

However, before the curious, not enmeshed in the conventions of the seekers of truth have two new Sphinx's riddle: who built it and why he inspired such horror Egyptians? This is yet one can only guess.

Putting aside the nonsense about aliens and some "encrypted knowledge", in respect of the Sphinx may collect such little-known facts:

1. With widespread in ancient Egypt to worship tradition almost everything that can represent a deity (heroes of old, sun, water, animals, spirits, forces of nature), the Sphinx remained in a kind of vacuum, as if there was an official ban on his deification. But it is mentioned in some papyri that the Sphinx is above all gods.

2. It is possible that the Sphinx was originally a giant statue of a lion, jackal (as a symbol of Anubis, the god of death), or a fantastic monster that we have established the priests of the cult of unknown prehistoric Egypt. Perhaps the cult is very ill, such that even his character instilled fear. Then it explains why Hafu, who established the country's rule of the solar cult of Ra, decided to abuse the idol of "conservatives." And at the same time and that is why, after the death of pharaoh reformer in the country rise up in rebellion and the body was thrown from the Khafre pyramid — so priests incited the people could take revenge sacrilegious.

3. Idols and shrines of ancient "black" cults often have a long disrepute. And the Sphinx is no exception. For example, the Arab conquerors, without shame taken away for building materials pyramids and temples of Egypt, considered a sandy hill sticking out of his countenance Khafre "a cursed place." Actually, it was saved from the destruction of the Sphinx violent Islamic fanatics, wrecking the pagan idols.

Or here's another: it is well known that Napoleon's soldiers used the head of the Sphinx as an artillery target. But few know that the battery breakaway their kernels nose stone pharaoh died later in a sudden sandstorm risen!

All of these secrets could reveal more detailed study of this very large, the oldest and most mysterious statue in the world, but the power of modern Egypt is not too poking around in favor of the sovereign land of the Islamic Republic of archaeologists …

Ivan Purgin


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