Security camera from Peter terrified Americans


New security camera Cordon, developed in Russia and passing tests on the slopes of St. Petersburg, horrified motorists from the U.S.. Website Autoblog writes that she embodies all the worst nightmares fans of "exceed". And the comments are full of remarks like "they have to be destroyed," "This Skynet" and "If I see — pokorezhu." The latter, incidentally, is not so simple, because among other things the camera is so small in size that can be installed on any road sign and to any height — it can transmit information and wirelessly over WiFi or 3G-networks.


Motorists impressed video of the camera in a real-time license plate and the speed of all vehicles on one of the slopes of St. Petersburg. "Check it out and share our horror" — calls on Autoblog. According to the developers, the camera can capture data from 32 sources, tracking the four lanes. And it may take a wide-angle photo and individual "portraits" of each offender.

According to Engadget, the streets of the United States Cordon will appear in early 2012. Distributor in the U.S. is the company Peak Gain Systems.

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