Semyon Shapiro: who will do the unrest — will be ruthlessly punished!

At a meeting in the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, which gathered businessmen, chairman of the Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro condemned the actions of the protesters at the border crossing "Bruzgi." The need to limit the export of gasoline, he explained that his production in the country, in fact, it is unprofitable.

According to Shapiro, was arrested fourteen people. The official said: "What happened yesterday — it's shameful the Middle Ages. Issues are, they must be solved in this way: you ask them, we need to answer. We are all normal people, by the way, came out of the ground, do not fall from the skies. We see offering of currency into the economy, you are giving a positive effect. "

Listening to the problematic questions from entrepreneurs, the chairman of the regional executive committee said: "Maybe yesterday was a need and the need to solve the industrial, domestic and human issues, and for someone — especially to excite the country, to show defiance to the authorities. Is the law when one person the actions of an inconvenience or other problems to another person, then there are government agencies. "

During the meeting,

He continued: "I told you in the beginning of the conversation said, that today Information comes to me that at some border crossing will also show disobedience. I clearly said that if will be closed to traffic, I said, for anyone not hiding, no consultations and negotiations, no governor called — immediately riot police — and clean up! . "
Semyon Shapiro went on to say, "I asked you yesterday — let's move to the side, restore movement. No, you want someone to clarify the issues, and some people would riot. Again, friends: who will do unrest — will be ruthlessly punished … I said, let's meet tomorrow. No — you need to create unrest and to show strength. Friends, we have one force in the country — the force of law. "
The official added: "I showed yesterday, apparently … Maybe experience is not enough — you have come to the meeting with a half-drunk, half were drunk …". The audience did not agree.

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