Sergei Bodrov. Where are you, brother? watch online

Sergei Bodrov.  Where are you, brother?  watch online
December 27, 2013 Sergei Bodrov would have turned 42. The movie is dedicated to the man who has remained a mystery for many. Who were all the same it was — an extraordinary actor, director with the catchy author's handwriting, a popular television presenter, a hero of 90th? He has many incarnations, but, for sure, even all together they do not answer the question — why so adored by Sergei Bodrov and why it is to this day live in the hearts of many people? September 20, 2002 on all TV channels sounded news: "In the Karmadon Gorge in North Ossetia from the top of the mountain came down the Kolka glacier. As a result, without any trace of the missing crew of the movie" The Messenger ", including director Sergei Bodrov. "

Disaster, disasters, acts of terrorism

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