Sergei Kovalenko was discharged from the hospital and was sent back for a day

Vitebsk CCP BPF activist resumed a hunger strike, which is suspended for the duration of stay in a medical facility.

In the cardiology department of Vitebsk city hospital Sergei Kovalenko was 5 days. He was brought here to the emergency room of the detention center, where he was serving his second consecutive arrest and conducted a hunger strike.

The morning of April 8, the day of discharge, the activist said that the output of the hospital waiting for his police escort. Right on the front porch of Mr. Kovalenko was taken into custody and taken to the detention center to serve the remaining 12 days of arrest.

Sergei Kovalenko told "Radio Liberty" that restores the hunger strike, which began back on March 25, but was forced to suspend the period of stay in the hospital:

"I have already feel better pressure returned to normal, I'm willing to go hungry again! The hunger strike will be against the "internal occupation" — against police authorities, the leadership of the IVS, jail, the KGB. They mock people beaten members of the Minsk rally on December 19. "

Before leaving the detention center Sergei Kovalenko sent a complaint to the regional prosecutor's office and the district prosecutor's office Pershamaiski of misconduct, in his opinion, the actions of the police, who detained him on April 1.

On that day, the activist was released from custody, sentenced per share on March 24, when he came to the center of Vitebsk with three white-red-white flags. And immediately came under new arrest: criminal-executive inspection Sergei Kovalenko sent to the detention center for 15 days for violation of the sentenced to serve Last year, punishment.

Recall activist serving a so-called "Home chemistry" — three years of imprisonment "conditionally" after putting up a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree on January 7 last year. The court accused him of resisting police who detained him, and damaging public property.

Violation of the recognized action on March 24. However, Sergei Kovalenko still not issued a final ruling on the arrest, during which he was hospitalized.

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