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Michael Morrell, the notorious author of a number of high-profile publications on the subject of aliens, started new campaign to educate readers by printing an article on the fact that thousands of UFOs every year recorded by different observers, distracting the driver, may expose the crew and its passengers in grave danger. But is awful green men, as their malyuet this gentleman? — Writes "Kompyulenta."


We all know that when people first began to notice the UFO — is 1942-1944 years. Was caused by this, most likely, the increased length of stay in the air, members of the species Homo sapiens. English first, and then the German, American and Japanese pilots, especially nightlights, became massively watching fireballs, spheres and other objects that are in the European field of war behind them chasing, keeping a short distance while in the Pacific theater of operations, and the Indian Ocean were, on the contrary, on the spot.
Unfortunately, UFOs are often the way to explain the human, too human errors and omissions.
No matter what the nature of the UFO you think you should recognize: it is impossible to suspect allegedly all about nervousness pilots. Indeed, they tend to make mistakes, Soviet Air Force, as well as German, reported for years that the air encountered such enemy planes, which have never been at the front. By the way, nowhere lie, as in hunting and in war. However, it is doubtful that the British, the Japanese and the Germans suddenly conspired with U.S. pilots and began to narrate about the same fictional phenomenon. The number of such reports in those years is enormous, as in the first post-war. Part of them mentioned the threat that created the pilots fireballs. However, contrary to Mr. Morellet, a single episode or attack the negative impact of UFO flights were recorded.
That's how it was before the seventh of January, 1948, before the events in Kentucky. When 4 fighter "Mustang» P-51D сто sixty fifth squadron, in response to the signs received from the gaze of people, frightened large object hanging in the air, began to object to pursue. Two / a third was not enough fuel / at a height of six miles closer to it, after which they could be examined, the fourth — Thomas F. Mantell — commander, decided that if he was most needed …
Before 15 hours 15 minutes / local time / relationship ended with him, he informed: "I go to the convergence to it a better look, and he in front of me and still flies at half the speed, unlike me … The form of this piece is metal and impressive size. Now she climbs, comes with an identical fast as I … it means — three hundred and sixty miles per hour. Try to get up to 20,000 feet, and if you can not get close, the prosecution will have to stop. "
Wreckage of the plane, and the pilot's body was found several hours later.
The official explanation of what happened: an unannounced launch of the pilot balloon «Skyhook», taken by the Navy of the United States, all satisfied, if not for these very words about the speed of flight gaining height equal to three hundred and sixty miles per hour / 576 kilometers per hour, 160 m / s /. Balloons, soars into the sky at a speed fighter, not a lot. The pilot of "Mustang" in theory, by contrast, had to cut easily circle around the object that does not have a motor.
Whether guilty UFO incident? .. The big question. Pilots "Mustang" service carried "the norms of peacetime," because the oxygen mask was only one of the 4-though of it was of little use, since the tank is almost no oxygen. Rising to about 7.6 kilometers, Mantell lost consciousness, at least, that would do to his place without any oxygen cylinder.
This story provided the basis for endless gossip about the inhabitants flying saucers and plates, do not be silent until now. A domestic horror story was the subject of pilots who fought public concern — UFO crash a plane!

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