Signs in heaven

It can be reasonably assumed that throughout human history information from extraterrestrial intelligence, to overtake us in the development of many thousands or millions of years, always comes into our solar system and the Earth in the form of different, do not fit in the scheme of human stereotyped thinking abnormal phenomena. Phenomena that serve as symbols, which provide vital information for the inhabitants of the earth. There is no doubt that enter in the space community, in other words, get in touch with the EC, we can only reach if necessary intellectual level, when they realized the necessity and inevitability of contact and psychologically be ready for this step.

This, obviously, will be determined by our response to the seemingly meaningless and we are still haphazard abnormal {"dot-dash") phenomenon — the characters, the ability to recognize and comprehend. Until then, it seems, will continue to be subjects without us observing and learning. Observations of mysterious researchers for space "test tube" — Earth. A test tube, in which the "director of experiment" created all the conditions for the experience. Such an idea needs a more detailed explanation. Let's try to put together so far unexplained by science observations and strange phenomena that occur in the near space and documented by many observers.

As we know, the Earth is the third planet of the solar system, settling after Mercury and Venus at a distance of 150 million kilometers from the Sun, this circumstance, as well as the fact that the Earth rotates around its own axis, evenly heats its atmosphere and surface, resulting in a unique situation: the average spread of minimum and maximum temperature to approximately 60 degrees from the cold to 60 degrees. Like to order in the world that there is an optimum temperature range, which is only able to encourage and support the development of life on Earth. Is the earth for a few million miles closer to fire away from the Sun, the temperature would have been quite different. Would either sizzling hot or cold space. And unprotected living organisms to survive it would be impossible. Earth would be dead. Based on the laws of conservation of motion of astrophysicists to sort out why the planets revolve around the sun were in the formation of our system. It is assumed that for all balanced conservation of energy the planet revolving around the sun, should be turned to him while the weight on one side. And the fact that the planet received additional impetus from somewhere in motion, spinning in orbit, still on top spinning like tops, around its own axis, destroys all known laws of space mechanics. And how to approach to the explanation of this fact — no one knows. And when you consider that the different planets, spinning on top in different directions, so. cause even more confused.

Next, at least curious circumstance. By studying a number related to a periodic change of solar illumination ring growths of ancient marine coral, American paleontologists has recently proved. that in the Paleozoic era, ie, 400-500 million years ago the Earth was not the year of 365, as now, and out of 400 days, which would require the "placement" of the Earth to a more distant orbit at a distance of 160 million kilometers from the Sun. To a similar conclusion, but on the basis of other data, we came home geophysicist Schmidt, as well as the author of this book. Tried to explain this result by the tidal friction of water oceans on the Earth's surface, thereby reducing the velocity of the planet around the torsion axis. which reduces the number of hours in the day to 22. But this fact is not yet conclusively proven. Especially because at low tide can occur and the reverse phenomenon. The transfer of land from one orbit to another forced to change the countdown calendar systems. And this change, according to historians, was indeed the case.

Next planet after Earth are Mars and Jupiter. Long-standing interest in astronomy is the "empty" space between them filled now by thousands of large and small asteroids. Mathematical evaluation showed that if all of the asteroid belt could "blind" the planet, then the parameters it would be close to the loop. Modern ideas do not exclude the fact that this place was once a planet named Shay and mysterious reason destroyed. Interestingly, in ancient Sumerian texts, the American researcher Sitchin recently discovered information confirming the mysterious death of the planet as a result of a collision with another planet's massive body. By the way, the Sumerians believed that all the planets in the solar system must be 9, as is commonly believed, and 12. But another more intriguing. At "bringing down" one of the planets will inevitably come to the unbalance the entire solar system and planets would occupy new orbit. In this case, the "going down" below, the earth would be able to "warm up" of the eternal cold, if before the disaster it was at a great distance from the Sun than it is now. The imbalance could explain the large variation of the radii of the orbits of asteroids orbiting the former site of the Phaeton, which is also still a mystery.

Moon that we know about it? A lot. The presence of the gravitational pull of the moon stabilizes the Earth's axis. The absence of the moon would have on our planet to disastrous life abrupt temperature changes. Fairly little "shake" the moon, and it will respond instantly catastrophes on Earth.

As for the origin of our original "bodyguard", the matter remains a mystery. Reliably demonstrated is only one — the moon could be a natural way to pull the Earth from space, to take their orbit and become a companion. Therefore, until recently, the dominant view is that the Moon is part of the earth, separated from it in its formation as a planet. Or as a result of the fall of a giant meteorite on Earth, so that broke some of the land that was to become her eternal companion. However, after a series of missions to the Moon American expeditions "Apollo" was found that the Earth and the Moon on the composition differ significantly from each other. And according to some American scientists, the moon was even older than the Earth. Thus further exacerbated question — where the Moon come from? In 1975, the United States published a book "The strange spaceship — the Moon," published by the Institute of Physics. It provides evidence of artificial moon, obtained from the results of special explosion pas its surface, the ratio of the size and depth of the crater, fluctuations satellite.

However, there is a tremendous mystery, also associated with the moon, but Venusian. If you view all the astronomical references, we can see that Venus — one of the two planets in the solar system that did not have a single satellite. There is no reason not to trust the serious academic publications and suspect them of viewing and errors. But equally as much not to question the fact of observation and even registration Venusian moon solid reputable scientists. Here lies one of the not-so-rare astronomical and embarrassment. So what's the deal?

In the early morning January 25, 1672 the great Italian astronomer Cassini noticed strange object near Venus. He watched his 10 minutes, but decided not to report his sensational discovery satellite of Venus. August 18, 1686, he again saw her. The satellite was great — a quarter the size of Venus at a distance of more than half the diameter of the planet. October 23, 1740 Short Englishman discovered the body near Venus at a distance of one third the diameter of the planet. Then, during the 30 years satellite repeatedly documented by astronomers from different countries, as long as their work is not officially registered and the King of Prussia's Frederick the Great to the satellite of Venus name French scientist d'Alembert. What happened after is more mysterious than any unsolved kidnapping — Venus baby disappeared for a century! It showed up again in 1886. He was last seen American astronomer Bernard in 1892. And then the restless son of the goddess of love disappeared again and has not yet appeared.

During the first century of the strange disappearance of a satellite of Venus has been registered for a different occasion and elsewhere, the biggest in the history of astronomy scandal in heavenly affairs. March 20, 1859 Dr. Leskarbo from France opened vnutrimerkurianskoy to orbit another planet. Director of the Paris Observatory, checked all the observations and calculations, and was satisfied. And in 1860, at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences a new planet called Vulcan, and the Leskarbo — Order of the Legion of Honor. But while France received congratulations, it's suddenly become entangled. Appears before the volcano stopped telescope eyepiece and suddenly disappeared. And 18 years later he returned, but with a different Vulcan. But eventually they left, never to appear. All observations were accurate. But so far it is not known: that the object seen, astronomers? Was it an asteroid or a giant space platform from another world, a trip to the galaxy? Mysterious object spindly repeatedly pointed at different times. Preserved information about him in the annals of Chernigov 1703. A few years ago, flying up to Mars, the Soviet automatic station "Phobos" gave his last photo information. On the surface of Mars was clearly visible shadow of the giant elliptical body. After that, "Phobos" mysteriously disappeared. And since then, nothing about it is not audible.

Studying the vast number of anomalies in the Sun, the Moon and the near space, Rostov ufologist M. Antonov pointed pas that these phenomena have a correct interval sequence and occur about every 20 years. Comparing this with the period of the planet, he found that every 19.86 years, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun are on the same line. When these compounds were always observed pronounced anomalies. In considering the system as a Sun-Saturn giant dial, which rotates around the sun Saturn is the "clockwise", managed over a long period of motion of the arrow (with 190 years) to identify active temporary sector, always accompanied by observations of phenomena, including the rapidly growing UFO activity. According to calculations, the "arrow" Saturn once again entered into the sector in February 1989 and will come out of it in May 2000. It is assumed that at this time we can expect active manifestation of phenomena, and even to establish contact within the specified period of an extraterrestrial civilization.

In 1926, British radio astronomer Lyunen by sending radio pulses in space, discovered a striking phenomenon — double echoes. For the first time there were a reflection of radio waves from the ionosphere, and the second time — by some strange, invisible from the Earth body, located between the Earth and the Moon. The most surprising is that the second echo intersect at different time intervals. Applying special calculations Lyunen considering the incoming signals from the UFO unexpectedly received a star map of the sky as it was 13,000 years ago. Therefore it was concluded that the unknown body is such a term is in orbit satellite.

Weird object orbiting the Earth, and later notices. But only when it passed over the disc of the moon. That's why he got the astronomers called "Black Prince." By studying the trajectory, astronomers literally stunned amazement. Usually, satellites of the planet rotate to one side, the same with the rotation of the planet on its axis. Influence of the gravitational field of the planet, which is a natural space to overcome the body impossible. To do this, there must be some giant artificial sources of energy. Therefore, all satellites are launched in the direction of rotation of the Earth. Well, it turned out that the "Black Prince" is moving … against the rotation! It is clear that this fact goes against all earthly scientific notions and concepts. Therefore, the "Black Prince" We have a long time, few people knew.

In 1967, American astronomer Bigby opened ten smaller moons with strange trajectories. "Scroll" the trajectories "back", he found that the December 18, 1955, all these satellites are integrated. And the date coincided with the flash in the sky, which was then observed by astronomers. Therefore, it was suggested that while in Earth orbit exploded chuzheplanetny spaceship. Ten of his invisible fragments, the largest of which — a few tens of meters — continue to fly today. And, to fly them, you can get answers to many questions.

When interpreting often misunderstood registered coming from space echo, Leningrad Sergeyev were read the Pythagorean theorem, a set of axioms. There are decoded to accede to the space community. In August 1989, the satellite of Neptune Triton received new signals, which are assigned to the category of scholars quite reasonable.

More recently, residents of Salsk seen in the sky as if drawn by a jet vapor trail first two question marks, then two twos with a minus between them, then two, seven, three seven, algebraic signs "more." Then they all disappeared, and after a while again repeated. And so a few times. In other places in the sky observed squares, triangles. In England, Germany and other countries in recent years have often in the morning to discover the wheat fields of the country, the huge figures obscure characters formed in a certain way stacked stems of plants. We clearly want to say something or warn, and call the contact, dialogue. But are we ready?

The above, as well as many other facts suggest possible that from time immemorial, the young development of human civilization is under the constant scrutiny of n unknown advanced civilization, and, according to some scholars, not even one. Contact with a man in ancient times were more open and direct. Currently, they also occur frequently through the transfer of mental symbols. But all known contacts are usually random, unexpected nature. That's why so many rumors, tall tales and believing in them. After landing squad humanoids during a mass demonstration or meeting — and many questions would be removed. But for some reason this is not happening. And if somewhere something similar happens — then immediately enveloped by the silence event. And how long will it last?

According to some independent decoded signals are often called line in 2000, which, oddly enough, was more marked in the ancient scriptures — the Bible, in the second part of it — the New Testament, which was created ye the II-III century AD. In the New Testament there is a separate part, called the "Apocalypse" (which translated from Greek means "revelation"). This section contains a prophecy about the "end of the world 'by the said boundary and details how it will happen. Understand this prophecy in hindsight, of course, is not easy. But when you consider nadvinuvshiysya created by people on the earth deadly environmental crisis, the plague of the XX century — AIDS, having the ability to get out of control of nuclear and biological weapons — the self-destruction of human civilization is quite possible fact. It is clear that any comments on the forecasts, the apocalypse is hardly relevant. But still. For example, in those ancient times, when the contacts in the world were "the educational" nature, "teachers" from heaven was left to people then recorded in a religious document, a warning based on the calculated probability of accomplishment in the solar system some astronomical event that can destroy life on Earth.

Is this not what we want to prevent? How long are we going to pretend that we are not at home?

Vitaly Commissars "UFO visitors from eternity"

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