Sirte before and after. NATO crimes and PNS

Moscow has to have questions about the NATO operation in Libya

Moscow. November 2. INTERFAX.RU— Russian Foreign Ministry said it has completed the NATO operation in Libya raises many questions and needs analysis in order to draw lessons for the future.

"With regard to the operation" Unified Protector ", it remains a lot of questions to the North Atlantic Alliance and to its members who took part in this operation, as to how in practice the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council," — said in a commentary the Russian Foreign Ministry issued Wednesday.

It notes that "it is primarily talking about civilian casualties as a result of air strikes, arms, in violation of the embargo, the direction of instructors and special forces to support one of the opposing sides in an internal conflict."

"All of this requires a thorough and impartial analysis and open discussion to address the lessons for the future" — emphasizes the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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