Slides: businessman promised to pay the debts

Gorki businessman Andrei Bozhko decided to suspend the strike and picketing roll, which he spent near the administrative building of mobile mechanized column number 1. This is the company for six months, as the businessman does not Calculations with his private company "IBA + Cleopatra."

The request to stop the action, says Bozhko, he was approached officials executive committee. They learned about the protest entrepreneur calls from reporters.

"We arrived and the staff of the Department of Economics of construction executive committee. Summoned the chief PMC. Sat down at the negotiating table. Pratsentovki all I signed in the presence of officials. While no money from the PMK. They promised to persuade my employee not to file an action against me for failure to pay him earnings. he would wait until the PMK did not give me the money. Pay me the money promised by the end of next week. I believe that at the moment I reached my share of success. Otherwise, the employee would have gone to court, and I would have ended up in even more debt " — said Andrey Bozhko.

Amount owed by the entrepreneur PMC before it is about 40 million rubles. Over the past three months he has been listed only 50,000 rubles.

"Customer is the PMK" Alexandria ", which Shklovsky area. Told me that it was more to blame PMK billion. Today it became clear that the PLA did not add 300 million. Turns out, talking one thing and now another. PMK chief before officials justified by the fact that he had no money and they know it. The money will be with him, when they start to finance collective farms. After the meeting I was told that I have offended District the whole country . "

Andrew Bozhko said Now that his company is on the verge of bankruptcy. He thinks to close it, because employees have left.

"When there was funding for cooperatives, that is, when people built their money — then no problems. But with Alexandria somehow got a hitch. Why is unknown. My debt to all payments. When I will continue to work, the debt will be only grow. surprised me that today so simple was signed. "

Private Enterprise "MBA + Cleopatra," according to Andrew Bozhko, fulfilled the conditions for subcontracting with MVP in the joint-stock company "Alexandria" — did the interior design houses. Entrepreneur has taken his share on April 6 at 17 hours. In his hands he held a sign: "PMK -1, return earned. I'm hungry. "

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