Slonim Democrats plan to form a shadow District Council

At the second meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Slonim uniting democratic forces in the association took representatives of the party "Fair World", and also approved a work plan for the current year.

The distinguishing point in the plans Slonimsky Democratic Union — the formation of candidates for local councils, which are participated in the last election, "shadow" the District Council.

The aim of his work will be practical training of future deputies to work as members of different levels.

Let me remind you that the union of democratic forces Slonim was created on the initiative of the local party organization in the BNF Last week. In the coalition includes members of the Belarusian Popular Front, BCD, BSDG "Tell the truth"" For Freedom ", TBM, activists of the movement of entrepreneurs and members of the Free Trade Union.

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