So all the same inside a UFO?

What they see in UFO our contemporaries? The first thing that surprises to come aboard the mysterious ship, it is a large internal volume of the room without a routine for the spacecraft clutter of cables, appliances, pipes, toggle switches.

The whole situation is most often are comfortable chairs, remote control, panoramic screen and star chart. "… When the morning came, Rama sat in the heavenly chariot chariot … it moved by itself …

It had two floors with many rooms and windows … When the chariot makes its flight in the air, she made monophonic sound "(the ancient Indian epic" Ramayana ".)" … There were no items, only gimmicks and what appeared to be a small banner with all the star and dots, each which throbbed in his own way "(Alberto Gordonii, Sicily, Italy, May 3, 1753).

One can imagine how such a situation is unusual look of a medieval residence. However, even in this enlightened XXI century, even engineers with higher technical education in the UFO still feel ignorant savages … "… If you look in one of the windows of the ship, like a cone, I saw a wonderful picture.

Light 5 rectangles, similar to the screens. One of them was very large — these I've ever seen! .. In front of a woman in an empty room with a gold braid eyed some images — drawings … "(Magda, Kranj, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, the middle of the 1960s)." … A strange object was a dull color car-sized high 2.5 meters, form — the ball for the game of rugby (ie ellipsoidal UFO. — Ed.). Side door, similar to the sliding. Nearby were two being an increase of about a meter, they had big ears and a hole for a mouth …

The lower part of the device is 50 inches off the ground, it rests on a cylindrical tube. The upper part of the apparatus consisted of a transparent (like plexiglass) dome, so it was obvious that there is nothing inside that could attract the attention … Both went into the unknown, the door slid down, and included not made a single gesture or an action for it. They clearly visible through the dome.

Then came a muffled sound, the unit rose by about half a meter, the pipe out of the ground, and four legs were run clockwise. The unit flew the ramp at very high speeds and about 50 m in general disappeared (dematerialized?). Still about a quarter of an hour the witness could not move … "(Maurice peasant mass, grape field near the village Valansol, South of France, 3.45 am July 1, 1965). Noticed. How pushed the second door, did not either, but he felt that We closed on the exterior.

"Ringleader" put his hand on the remote and something began to click. The car began to slowly climb up while turning around a vertical axis. Rising to 40 meters, stopped … Suddenly I noticed a very rapid acceleration upwards. Overload was not, but it was quickly reduced in size "(V.S.Haritonov; hamlet 27 km from Pskov, USSR, January 1978).

"… The rectangular object the size of 3 x 5 m and a height of 2.5 m, similar to the bus, hung at a height of 2-3 meters. On its surface there was no sign of seams or rivets, and the projections of the four sides sticking helical 1-1.5 m long rods that resemble rotating part grinder. These rods are rotated at high speed, emitting a quiet hum. then sheet metal object curled into a roll and opened the door, from which descended the stairs.

Strangers waved up inside. Inside the spacious room, except for the similarity lantern top ten benches around the "black with gray hair" smooth wall and lying on the floor, paralyzed birds there was nothing else "(Jan Wolski; Emilchin, Lublin, Poland, May 15, 1978)." .. . Again, I began to ask them to bring me back home and passed out. Woke up when approaching the ship, which hung in the air a short distance from the ground. He looked like an inverted pan dark gray with many small lights, symmetrically placed around the ship. Bulb lights up, then went out …

She came in, in a round room, sitting in a red chair without armrests. The room was equipped in such a way that all sides was installed control panel (in a circle) with flashing red lights. Then through the door they came round … "(the employee Military Academy; Otradnoe district, Moscow, USSR, August 1989).

"… I'm a skeptic and a realist, and because at first took for our UFO spaceship … Go to" petal "(ladder?) In the 8-10-meter egg-shaped apparatus and got into a small shower room, where the liquid and poured foam blowing warm wind … to open the inner door … Inside were three chairs, a round table in the center of the earth was a globe. shopped — no state borders on the globe, but only some crosses … " (A.Yas, engineer, White Church, Ukraine, USSR, September 1989).

"… I took the rail and found himself in the corridor. It was wider aperture, smooth floor was made out of a metal door was not on top of the walls and ceiling formed an oval, the back of the casing looked through some gain and fixing . on 7-8-meter corridor I was in a large white room with a diameter of about 20 meters, located on the perimeter of five of the same inputs, among which was a 5-6 racks of shimmering light. dome ceiling emits a soft blue light is scattered.

On one wall there was an information screen. Near another wall was a desk, on which there were a great number of switches with black handles and glowing rectangular buttons with painted symbols. The same buttons were flashing on racks. Instruments and scales, I had not noticed. I was next to a long, straight sofa. Along all the walls around the gap was, apparently, the central part of the room with remote control and a sofa could be rotated and stopped near any rack "(Oleg K., Arkhangelsk Region., 80 km from Plesetsk, USSR, November 1989).

"… A foot from the window hung a small object like a two folded plates, from which the zigzag (?) Rays — green, yellow and blue. Plate became transparent, then it gradually opened up as shell, inside were a computer, keys, screen, screen stars and the same dish. Also there were six white-haired man in the same silver (even sparkling) suits, one of them was a woman … " (Yuvelina, 8 years; Sterlitamak, USSR, early 90's).

"… Inside Dish remember only one console, which had 25 buttons: 5 rows by 5 columns …" (Yura K., Moscow, USSR, early 90's). "… The two large luminous spheres, each with a diameter of several meters down from the top. White ball left in the red left the country many-eyed creature taller than human … We are both" sucked "into the ship. They remembered only the seat on which I sat and flickering screen in front of the chair … The stranger said that the ship has 4 forms (?) and can travel at the speed of light … " (Eugene X., a fifth grader, Omsk, Russia, October 14, 1991).

In addition, people who visited in alien ships, striking abundance of various mysterious equipment and appliances. The second memorable contactees frequent feature of UFO — the abundance of devices and equipment. Strictly speaking, and they should not be, if the contactees and invite, on research ships. Well, at the UFO other purposes, even if they are, guests do not drive. And if the drive (such as a ship of war), it is unlikely to produce …

But we already know, man-made UFOs have large empty interior volume, which probably makes them very versatile to use. For example, the transport ships can easily be repurposed into research — if the interior to score the appropriate equipment. Actually, contactees noticed not only multifunctional or redeveloped space (characteristic feature — cluttered aisles and corridors devices), but also specialized laboratories, workshops, stores, museums, and other operational functions to obscure sections.

"… I studied some instruments and devices, such as the large needle, the" operating table ", which stood in the center of the room … Humanoid made me see the book, it was a point for the letters and all sorts, thick and thin, straight and curved lines. He crossed the room to the corner of the table, opened a hole in the metal wall and pulled out (unfolded) points out a card with the value of a pinhead to coins and connecting them with thick, thin, dotted lines … It was a scheme interstellar lines. " (Barney and Betty Hill, New Hampshire, USA, September 20, 1961).

"… Mona Stafford was in the room, similar to the operating room, and sat around the 3.4 figure in white coats and surgical masks. She was paralyzed and saw her watching a great" eye. "For Elaine Thomas watched humanoids rise 1 2 m in an empty dark room, where, in the table, there was nothing else "(L.Smit, M.Stafford, E.Tomas, Liberty, Kentucky, USA, January 1976).

"… I woke up in a lab. It was a room with white walls, like a classroom. There were all sorts of cars. Everywhere were luminous dials. Constantly moved about the room glowing balls the size of an orange" (Frank Fontaine, Cergy-Pontoise, France, 1980).

"… I saw the green room and … yourself with her hair twisted into something white, but not in my clothes. I came, and we — the one that looked the one that was on the table — merged. And I felt panic … There was no one in the green room. But I saw a long, 20 inches, a metal rod, like a pencil. Its as if someone passed each other hands as surgery tools. But I hand did not see … " (NA, an employee of one of the Moscow scientific centers of the USSR until 1993.)

"… Lamps to be seen, but it was very light, but the light does not hurt his eyes. And this light to a large extent contributed to the sense of comfort … then all the women were transferred to an adjacent room of smaller size, they stayed there one by one, put them on some chairs, walls — very often remote, entirely weave some tubes, which is something like streaming. All this — the solid play of light and color, movement Luminous. Some tubes had sucker. was a feeling that these tubes with suction cups as if endowed with the rudiments of reason.

The woman was here and was plastered all these suckers. And if the movement of human sucker flew away, then immediately will automatically again sought out the old point and stick to it … "(female N., was touted N.I.Makarovoy from Togliatti, Russia, end of 1994). Referring to archives Russian UFO center, you can easily add a general idea about the situation in man-made UFOs. According to the generalized data-contactees Russians kidnapped and later returned home, the first thing they often see — is an oblong hall or tunnel.

In the 35 cases described V.Azhazhey the tunnel was quite long and winding (possibly "tunnel" is not material, but is merely the visible manifestation of any fields). Then get stolen in a room that resembles an operating or dentist's office. Room description coincides in many stories (total of 95). In 29 cases, the UFO room is described as having a round or domed. In 18 cases out of 31 it is dominated by white light, in 11 cases — gray, (or metal). In the three cases mentioned walls black. 32 subject was weak lighting on board.

In 25 cases mentioned very bright room, and in 13 cases — dimly lit or completely dark. Several actors met with both options. Include variations in a room for us, ordinary objects. One or more tables are identified in 52 cases. Usually so solid, smooth, quite narrow, on one stand. Sometimes table raised high, low or lowered shaped recliner. Of other furniture often attended items like kitchen shelves, computers, screens.

In concrete terms this is: table saw 52 people, screens, displays — 17 people, computers — 16 chairs — 11 shelves, racks — 10; cabinets — 10; bench — 6. In 18 cases, the subjects reported a specific flavor, unlike the usual odors. Four smelt burnt hair or their body, and six reported an unpleasant smell coming from aliens. Some were able to describe the present and also there are some devices that are intended for specific medical procedures (for example, scanning the subject's body.)

It also happens that the correspondents not just describe the cases you hear from other people's words, some with their own eyes see such anomalies. See here, for example, wrote the correspondent of "Izvestia" in Maputo (number of 27. 02. '88): "After I handed in" News "report about a mysterious object that is seen in the sky from a plane taking off of Beira, came issued in this city newspaper "Diario de Mozambique". They published three photographs of UFOs and the story of how he saw many people in the city.

The observation was carried out at the meteorological station in binoculars, but the naked eye could see the glowing object hovering motionless over Beira. According to a local station, it was not an artificial satellite and a probe. Elongated body has two "whiskers" and the two bright "eyes." As the commander of a passenger aircraft "Boeing 737" national airline LAM, he saw from the cockpit glowing UFO lights and turned on the airplane, as if his attention. At this point, both the "eye" of the mysterious object had gone out, and he was put off to the side, quickly disappearing in the south … "

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