Some people in line for currency, others — on sugar …

Overcome the fear of a possible devaluation and soaring prices, people tend to invest their rubles into something more reliable. In some regions of the massively bought up sugar. In almost all cities and towns stand in line for dollars. Many aspire to have time to buy a used car from abroad.


Near exchangers — the queue, and in exchange — it is empty

In Brest, near the daily currency exchangers formed long queues. But free to buy the currency is still impossible.

In the banks explain that demand exceeds supply. And selling rates for the dollar has already exceeded 3100 rubles. It was assumed that there would be illegal money changers, and here and there they appeared, but the currency is not theirs.

A resident of Brest Maria I. believes that the situation in the foreign exchange market has affected nearly all citizens. This situation is unacceptable woman calls:

"This monetary crisis feels good now. Still can not buy a currency, it is not in exchange. I think this is very wrong. People also listened to some news, often believe that. Said that the dollar will continue to grow, so trying to change the Belarusian ruble. however difficult to price increases. Take the price of buckwheat, this sore subject. But somehow hope for the best. "

Irene, which is going to go abroad, stood for several hours in line to buy about $ 200. The trip had to be postponed in order to collect the necessary sum:

"In such a situation it is impossible to do something. Wanted to buy the currency, but the bank said that no dollars or euros."

In all positions, or silence, or silence …

Dmitry, Brest resident, said that his friend stood for nearly a week in line with exchangers to buy dollars and pay for the car, for which even left a deposit:

"This man even got a bank loan in Belarusian rubles. But this week have not been able to buy dollars. Takes a turn in several exchange offices at once. Complained that no time, as the deadline for the deposit, which he no return."

Nicholas, Brest resident, said that in recent years, many residents of the regional center are trying to make stocks, so as not to lose their money. The interviewee believes that the responsibility for the tension in the society are government officials and that his silence increased mistrust on the part of people:

"Officials in our country, no matter in what area they work, do not explain anything, or may not even be able to explain. At all positions, or silence, or silence."

Grodno region

"So grabbing food at the end of the Soviet Union …"

In the residential districts of Grodno in some stores ended sugar. The reason? It took tens of kilograms, naladovvali entire racks. Differing rumors that he will rise in price by almost half — and seven thousand. Now is 3600.

On Tuesday in the center of Grodno in the trading house "Neman" for buyers lay large blocks packs of sugar. From the street, you can see how people are dragging the sugar in two hands, and even officials. In another store, "Central" also were willing to increased demand for sugar. In the store I was told:

"Where the residential areas, yesterday evening there was sugar. And we have — no … I do not see now that the excitement that took envelopes. Sugar again brought it in stock. Bierut and two, and three pounds, who should be — ten picks. But sales increased, so, for the last two days — Sunday and Monday. "

Are salespeople to higher prices for sugar?

Mrs."I can not tell you anything about it to say, because we do not have the price list: if he will go up and that there will be. Though yesterday from the Department of Trade called to the ministry, they said that in the near future no sugar price rise is expected. Maybe it has something to do with the dollar — have decided that everything will go up, while sugar was most needed … ".

"We took an application for tea, said that soon the price will rise"

At least that imported products do rise, they say in the store:

"While here, let's say about tea: today came agents, the application took a tip, they said that the more expensive tea. They get it at a different price already. Naturally, this is due to the course … do not rack up a lot of Cereals and Sugar what? stand up a year or two. Well, do not jam, but tea, coffee drink with sugar anyway. "

Gorodenco Helena confirms this. She gained thirty three pounds of sugar:

We like idiots, stuck on these "clean the streets" with the opinion of "if only it was not the war" …

"I can only say that I can not drink coffee and tea without sugar and put him very much."

"Some kind of theater of the absurd: like idiots stuck on these" clean the streets "with the opinion of" if only it was not the war. "

Mrs. Helen remembers that so seized products at the end of the Soviet Union. Then she tried to dissuade neighbors, and now I suddenly gained a sugar lift. She says that Belarusians have chosen such a life model:

"Some kind of theater of the absurd. Then it was economically understandable, because the rotten economy, because socialism as such can not be, what should be private property. And now it turns out that the whole world is marching ahead, the post-Soviet space, I mean. I've just arrived from Russia. Either way, they are moving forward, albeit in small steps. We like idiots, stuck on these "clean the streets" with the opinion of "if only it was not the war." Delusion of some kind! "

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