Something about the U.S. corruption

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Obama dismissed Miller. Not our Miller — God forbid! — And the U.S.. Is responsible for the taxes. With enormous budget deficit forced to cut spending and taxes literally beat out of its citizens. While large corporations can not even afford to pay for virtually nothing.

Legendary American corporation "General Electric", one of the largest in the world, as it turned out, did not pay taxes in the United States by building a business to offshore schemes. "New York Times" has found it after the appointment of CEO Immelt Chairman of the President's Council on employment and competition, which, in fact, is designed to address issues of corporate taxation. Over the past 10 years, "General Electric" spent on lobbying at the state level of $ 200 million. And in its tax department to not only avoid paying taxes in America, but also beat out billions in tax breaks, has about a thousand people.


Interestingly, the intimate details of offshore mega-corporations control scheme transpired in the High Court in London in the course of the proceedings in the action against her Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev. And the essence of the claim is that the megacorporation just stole his aircraft.

The world's largest leasing company GECAS, owned by "General Electric", Lebedev has given us credit for the purchase of the "Airbus" for a German company owned by him, "Blue vingz." After the German regulator under the false pretext of airline canceled license, the lender was required to sell the aircraft to return and Lebedev share due to him. Instead, the international giant set absurd amount for the repair of virtually new aircraft, just put the aircraft in different countries, and then sold them to myself for a fictitious auction, Russian businessman, having written off due to the difference of their bogus repairs. By the way, in the same way the same GECAS spread Indian, Chinese and Pakistani airlines and even nipped "Aeroflot".

By the way, when we have covered in Russia belonged to the same Lebedev "Red vingz", then at least the planes are not stolen. Do not we have such a "General Electric". Guts.

When we talk about the monstrous scale of the corruption, when the alleged Russian offshore revealing wet Cyprus — incidentally, the only one, probably offshore, that "General Electric" is not used! We must realize that our senior teachers have gone on this way far ahead. And they had been in the system so perfect sharpness and legal, that's them probably will not ever catch up. And do not compete.

However, goodbye!

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