Son burned in the country scarecrow, you know who

An activist of staff of the former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva Pavel Vinogradov accused of a crime, which the statute of limitations. Khalip returned from the KGB. Prisoner of the prison to "Akrestin" National Bolshevik Eugene Kontush on the mend.

Minsk police reported that completed the investigation into the events of December 19, which it considers a coup attempt involving foreigners.

According to the investigation, "produced ample evidence of an attempt to change the constitutional order of the Republic of Belarus by prior agreement with the representatives of foreign governments and organizations, which are essentially set for the ultimate goal of a coup" — reported on 5 April, the council of Information and Public Relations of the Ministry of the Interior.

The police also reported that the defendants filed against some individual cases, because these people are "hiding in foreign countries." However, the names of those in hiding abroad, the police are not called.


April 5th journalist Khalip began to get acquainted with the materials of the business. The wife of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, is accused of organizing activities that breach public order, or to participate in them. Irina Khalip faces up to three years in prison.

Lucyna Belzatskaya after the return of the daughter of the KGB said that apparently Irina does not show its relation to the case and yet certain observations mother Irina Khalip shared:

"She came back not upset. I think there is nothing they have not at her. And what could it be? But in any case, it will never show anything. And the letter from the "American" wrote that the experience acquired, and when I came out of there — the same thing. He does not want us to once again worried. "

For a three year old son of Irina Khalip Danica leaving the mother of the house was a surprise. Within two months of house arrest Danik used that mom does not come out of the apartment, saying "sick." What he told the adults in the new situation?

"They told me that my mother went to the doctor. After all, she did not go out with him for a walk, as the sick. And now my mother polechat doctor and it will be healthy. "

Pavel Vinogradov

Activist headquarters of the former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva Pavel Vinogradov charged not only in taking part in the riots on December 19, but with insulting national symbols. I called the father of Paul Jury in Berezina.

Reporter"What do you know about the new episode of charges of insulting national symbols?"

Yuri Vinogradov"It's been 3 or 4 years ago. In the country they burned an effigy with friends, you know who. Shooting, investigators found on the computer hard drive of Paul, who was taken during the search. But why this was necessary by the investigator, is unclear. After all, first of all, the penalty is a punishment is covered by the basic charge, and most importantly, according to the lawyer, the statute of limitations has expired on the crime. "

Together with the scarecrow was burned as the state flag, acknowledged father Pavel Vinogradov Yuri.

In prison in Akrestsin already 4 days in NBP activists Eugene Kontush, Igor Sidorevich andEugene Omelko, who was sentenced to administrative arrests for protesting against the closure of the only Republican Prison Hospital. It is known that Kontush Eugene, who was arrested the patient, the early days were not allowed to pass the drug. What is the situation now?

A member of the activist Denis Sugar"Today, the case had been better. Temperature dropped, it is much easier. Allowed to pass all the necessary medicines and hygiene products. "

In the detention center continues to sit on Akrestin and activist of "Young Front" Nikolai Demidenko, who was sentenced to 15 days for the shout "Long live Belarus!" on Yakub Kolas Freedom Day.



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