Source of power shaman

By tradition, shamans are only men. It is rare that a woman can achieve excellence and power in this case. In some cultures, the definition of who becomes a shaman, depending on the spirits. Future shaman learns about his mission by signs. Most often it is a serious disease that leads a person to the brink of life and death, and only the inner strength helps heal.

In other cultures, the definition of man with the makings of a shaman is still young. Elected first taught by experienced shamans, and then he passes initiation ritual.

The main feature that distinguishes the shaman from a large number of other people, it is the guardian spirit. Since the shaman establishes contact with the spirit world, it might not be a spirit helper, but several.

Shaman is not sleeping through the night in anticipation of guardian spirit in the open. As a rule, the spirit appears in the form of a bird, fish, reptile. But the spirit of power over everything, so it can be and as a man. That's guardian spirit is the source of strength shaman. After meeting with him shaman has access to all the mysteries. He can call his own spirit into the body to get rid of or to protect themselves from disease and the forces that appeared from the lower world.

Just finding guardian spirit shaman can do divination and healing. Techniques for many of these rites.

To heal the sick, the shaman gathers spirit helpers, are the means and the cause of the disease. Spirits are embodied in a variety of small objects surrounding the person: worms, insects, and plants. Cause of the disease becomes clear to the shaman when he goes into a trance. After that, he draws a disease with those items that are causing the problem. The energy that is caused by a disease, is absorbed through the body of a shaman helping spirits that protect the healer from the harmful effects of the disease. In the body of the shaman during the ceremony of healing are several spirits in case one of them can not cope with the strength of the disease and will miss her deeply.

According to the beliefs of other cultures during the healing shaman descends into the realm of the dead, the underworld. There he seeks the soul finds the patient or guardian spirit. There is also a procedure that resembles a seance during which the shaman tries to persuade the evil spirits flattery and prayers of the sick leave.

Guardian spirit — it is the only source of power, without which the shaman simply will not be able to subdue the evil spirits of the other world.

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