Special Forces Airborne — without fear and reproach

Special Forces Airborne - without fear and reproach
Many are not even aware of what is essentially a military unit. In fact it is — the eyes and ears of the Airborne Troops, reconnaissance and sabotage units, which operate in the enemy’s rear, preparing arrival and landing training, if necessary, deal with the capture of airfields, small bridgehead sites. Their functions comes as the solution to many related tasks, including the capture or destruction of communications and other infrastructure, and much more.

This is the Special Forces Airborne, which acts, saying the artistic and more than understandable language, similar to the beam, as quickly and simply, making your way through all, even the smallest gap.

A better use of Special Forces Airborne considered in the criteria, when the army of our country is actively offensive acts.

Special Forces Airborne makes their tasks without fear and without reproach, in any corner of the planet. Tactical and special training for special forces — the development of fighters in absolute stress, irregular bordering on pathology, endurance, narrow-profile training on many subjects, including technical and jogging, running, and a lot of time running, performing in training forced marches to a distance of 30 km or more.

So what did this activity is almost fabulous unit title of which is in the soul of ecstasy, deep-seated fear and suspicion.

Airborne Troops special purpose can be applied everywhere: in the rear of the enemy for creating disorder and chaos, with the task of assisting in the capture and retention of strategic objects to the point where the main approach of the army, the capture of fundamental strategic issue bridges, airfields, transportation hubs, etc. And since quite a long capture and hold such fundamental objects — an impossible task for small groups of special forces commandos, their main purpose — is to create an enabling environment for future action already numerous air assault units Navy.

To conduct operations separate spetsnaz groups are thrown into previously defined in the rear of the enemy terrain, with a precise indication for each of their deployment zone, hitting that paratroopers reconnaissance attack where the enemy forces are concentrated. Meaning similar attacks obvious: unannounced raids to the enemy, the entrance of which causes the greatest destruction and damage to parachute Special Forces teams eventually own offensive operations eventually cause the opponent to panic.

This occurs until the time came to his senses until the enemy begins to rebound. Then Airborne Special Forces to prevent a private party of unnecessary victims, takes place in the reverse direction, to hide or continue their work elsewhere.

A lot of things spoken of the story of the movies and documentaries, read in books. But it’s all written and illustrated the truth, let them from time to time and as a glamorized, but it is the work of Special Forces Airborne.

Specifically, because in the movie, special forces soldiers slipping into dense groups, beginning to move away, hiding and changing direction. And when they can not quickly come off on the move set for mines and streamers to slow the pursuit of the enemy and be able to «dissolve» in the countryside.

Due to the fact that the strategy of these special forces Airborne is based on the highest maneuverability and speed, coupled with universal firepower, then desantiruemye groups are created on the basis of their control, so that they had the best strength and perfectly sighted gun.

In these groups, there are no additional or replacement of people in their lives and taken to ensure the safety of each fighters.

Slightly history. Since the first since the introduction of our troops in Afghanistan, Special Forces Airborne constantly involved in various operations, because when the summer of 1994 formed the 45th Special Forces Airborne Regiment, has already had plenty of experience, so the soldiers were very versatile and truly prepared for war. Apart from this, has introduced numerous foreign developments and technologies, positively influenced the quality of made Spetsnaz Russian Navy.

45th Regiment — this is probably one of the most famous in the modern history of the Armed Forces. In Chechnya know him pretty well. They say that even anecdotal reports of Special Forces Airborne approach forced dushmans removed from the position and go. The leaders of the militants during the first Chechen war promised fabulous sums for the capture of at least the 1st fighter 45th Regiment. Honor and praise to our soldiers: promises have remained verbally, because neither one of them did not get to the militants, nor alive nor dead. But this is considered the youngest regiment of the army of our country, but what!

45 Regiment — a unique combat unit of the Russian Federation, which has to solve their own problems all: the right weapons and equipment, and supplies. In addition, his arms are drones.

In the regiment comes and mental detachment, whose task is to demoralize the enemy troops or disorientation, destruction of his faith in the meaning of resistance. This group has the ability and opportunity to decline his side of the neutral civilian population, which is especially important in an era of disk imaging, from time to time this is accomplished using the existing small-sized television station broadcasting the desired programs from within many miles.

And it is far not all. Special Forces Airborne ability in our country is truly enormous.

These units fought wars during the Transnistrian conflict, participated in operations in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, providing, in the main, security, refugees and remaining peaceful inhabitants.

According to the views of many Special Forces Airborne — first in the world, bypassing even the British commandos and the «Green Berets.»

But this is only the facts, but in life to achieve the status of a universal soldier Airborne Special Forces are far not all. Stupidly assumed that it — an easy task. In order to become a real riot policemen coming initially losing countless tests in psychology, then physical training, and only later, determining its ability and willingness, the Commission directs it to a specific military specialty as part of special forces.

And the learning process begins. After such a hard type of selection process begins learning. Say that it is very difficult to serve in the special forces, especially in the Airborne, it’s like that just keep quiet.

Unchanging workouts that alternate shots march, night shooting, climbing front, and then tactical exercises, training of engineers again forced marches, night shooting …. And as always in a circle.

It is clear that far not all future fighters SWAT withstand harsh similar tempo and load, which is why some places are already 6 months begins screenings: anyone not withstand loads of health, some can not stand myself, anyone expelled commanders and eventually left those true, who has a perfect and tool, and abilities. Specifically, they are — true Special Forces soldiers who do not have to have no face, no it is they do not cease to be provided at the right time in the appropriate places, whether the taking of hostages, the military operations in hot spots, and outside them, in the center of the conflicts in Bosnia, Dagestan , Chechnya, Kosovo, and in almost all other areas.

In all the years until there Airborne Special Forces, his men never cease to wage war, searching for enemy weapon depots, warehouses drugs, saving many lives of innocent creatures, preventing many failures. That’s why these divisions of the true elite of the Russian army, and the 45th Regiment — the regiment coming.

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