Stanislav Bogdanovich

The Company's economic and monetary news, perhaps, were the focus of the last few weeks. Or the right fiscal policy conducted by the National Bank? Retain power rate Belarusian ruble and at what cost? These and many other questions you answer Stanislav Bogdanovich

We also recall that in the framework of the project of Liberty "What to do?"Stanislav Bogdanovich wrote an article" It is necessary to establish the Union of Democratic Forces and the highlight of the national leader. "

Stanislav Bogdanovich was born on January 1, 1937 in the village of Shapovalov, Minsk region. He graduated from the Accounting and Credit Pinsky College, the Moscow Institute of Economics. Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor. In 1991-1995 — Chairman of the National Bank Republic of Belarus. Deputy Supreme Council Of the 13th convocation, the leader of the "Civil Action" (1995-1996). A member of the United Civil Party, its chairman (1995-2000), since 2000 — Honorary Chairman.

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