States are increasing the number of Hatchet at the borders of Iran

U.S. increases the number of "Hatchet" at the borders of Iran

Today in the Persian Gulf Pentagon has arranged more than 320 cruise missiles Tomahawk, which are capable of hitting targets across the Iranian countryside. By April of this year, the number may be, will grow to 430. These data were obtained as a result of the monitoring of the tactical and technical characteristics of the U.S. Navy, concentrated in the area. Thus, in the current time in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea are on alert 2 aircraft-carrier strike groups led by the aircraft carriers Carl Vinson and Abraham Lincoln.

In total, the Americans in the region have with 2 aircraft carriers, 2 cruisers, carriers and 26 cruise missiles, 4-destroyers capable of carrying 8 to 56 cruise missiles, also with 2 subs (Annapolis), carrying 12 cruise missiles, and missile submarine Georgia, unladen 154, "Tomahawks".

By April, when the region will have one aircraft carrier group led by the aircraft carrier Enterprise, missile cruiser and three destroyers, the number of cruise missiles increase to 430 "Tomahawk", which have a range 1.6 thousand kilometers.

Earlier it was reported that the South American base, which is located in the English peninsula of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean brought hundreds of concrete-bombs that can kill the underground bunkers. All this is happening at once to the transfer of U.S. aircraft and ground connections and their allies in the neighboring country to Iran.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is trying to debunk the rumors about the likely development of Iran's nuclear weapons and their means of delivery. Foreign Ministry believes that the spread of similar rumors only exacerbates the situation so complicated.

Mikhail Ulyanov, who is the director of the Department for Security and Disarmament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, said that the relentless hype that appeared around the nuclear programs from Iran, has nothing to do with the "reasonable vigilance" and pursue "political and propaganda purposes." According to the views of the diplomat, such guesses can put the situation in the area of military force decisions that will lead to a devilish consequences.

Recall that the Israeli defense minister said that they could strike at Iran in this case, if economic sanctions do not lead to the expected results. He also stressed that it will be difficult to resist the Islamic republic, which has a nuclear weapon.
In turn, Leon Panetta, who is the head of the Pentagon, presented the Israeli side may attack Iran this spring.

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