States were left without gold SUPPLIES

U.S. gold reserves remained withoutFirst summer in the media scandal associated with the sale of the Ministry of money the U.S. in November last year, fake gold bars to China. When the designated party has been received, the Chinese government issued an order to carry out a special analysis of the purity and weight of the purchased gold bars. In the end, it turned out that the fake bars.

Clearly just the fact that on June 26, Ron Paul, the South American congressman, offered to conduct an audit of all the gold of supplies of the United States. But the government prevented this by all means. This mysterious abandonment of the audit and the scandal with fake gold sold in China more to the confusion.

But back to the Lipovogo South American gold sold in China. These "gold" ingots were cast in the U.S. and stored, in the famous Fort Knox in many years. The Chinese Government immediately launched an investigation and issued a statement in which subtly alluded to the machinations of the South American government. The registration data of this party bullion pointed to the fact that fake bullion banks came from the Fed during the administration of Bill Clinton. That's when specifically ordered by enrolling bankers Fed was molded from 1.3 to 1.5 million tungsten tiles weighing 400 ounces. Of the total amount, 640 thousand of these gold-plated tungsten tiles and sent to Fort Knox, as they are now. According to the data acquired in the course of the investigation, the remainder of the designated 1.3-1.5 million tungsten blanks, each weighing 400 ounces, was similarly coated with a film of gold and then sold (as a true gold) In the international market. Apart from the fact that in federal U.S. gold in store was put fake gold, the Federal Reserve bankers had okolpachat and the world market. The price is so called "Gold Scams Clinton" is estimated at 600 billion dollars.

On fraud and shows that in the middle of the likely and actual circumstances fully inflating stunning sexy scandal with the role is the former head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn was a declaration of a state disk imaging, in which the U.S. has no gold supplies. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, "began to express concern about sprouting" from the moment the United States slowed down the shipment of 191.3 tons of gold to the IMF on the basis of arrangements, for use as a reserve currency specific candidates. During his stay in the United States, Dominique Strauss-Kahn received specifically from employees CIA actual proof that south american gold in store disappeared. He, of course, not lucky, he vyznat about the real state of supplies with gold federal dollars. After that Dominique Strauss-Kahn wanted to immediately leave New York, but its similar to the "baggage" disk imaging in the head just stalled. In the end, at Fort Knox are tungsten plate, and provided only a buck only certificates that are not real gold, exactly — ZERO.

Fed admitted: "We have no gold"

"SHTF Plan", USA — June 6, 2011

"Federal Reserve Admits: We Have No Gold"

Follow-up dialogue between Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) and a representative of the Fed's Scott Alvarez leaves no shadow of doubt in the fact that the Federal Reserve System has no gold for the U.S. dollar. Most of the people who use other news sources, suspected it before, but now it is — a fact.

Replacement federal system does not possess any gold in general. We do not own gold in 1934, so Makarov, we were not involved in any transaction with the gold …

The fact that is reflected on our balance sheet — it's gold certificates … Until 1934, the Federal System Replacement possessed gold. We passed it, according to the law, the Treasury and received in return for these gold certificates. The relationship between the Federal Reserve System, the Treasury and the South American golden these non-tradable certificates are not clear, but tried to explain that after all the reality is:

In any case, we can analyze the main facts and come to some conclusions:

1. Widely spread notion that the Fed has gold — is not true. The corollary of this view — an incorrect perception that the Fed's gold holdings to detract from its balance sheet, reporting only gold certificates at the statutory cost of $ 42.22. South American gold in store, multiplied by the market price of gold, the Fed almost does not belong, except that if the Treasury would default, and in this case, far from clear. Fed really belongs on the debt, total, $ 11.1 billion, and it has a small chance to increase substantially in value if the Treasury will re-evaluate your gold and will continue the practice, begun under the Law on Modifications rating.

2. The fact that the Fed has neither gold nor claim to any gold, mean Bucks experiencing any defect in the software, except for the structure and equipment of the Fed's. Dollars are worth much less than many think, and the Federal Reserve, for all his skill, much more feeble in the use of assets and conduct of monetary policy in general. In general, the explanation Alvarez increases confidence in the highest Baksova gold prices.

An exciting prospect, and if this is true, then we can imagine that the purchasing power of the dollar, based on the beliefs of gold, much less than usual thinking is almost close to zero.

Our currency is not only not backed by gold, and in the case of Baksova "Meltdown", only assets that provide global reserve currency will remain worthless toxic mortgages bought out by the Federal Government in recent years, from insolvent banks.

The only thing holding the buck at this point, is the trust in the market. When it goes, everything else goes with it …

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