Stone Grave — a mystical place in the Ukraine.

Welcome to Ukraine. Here too there is much to see and to marvel at.
Stone Grave — A large mysterious building, in the form of huge boulders piled on the sand. And nothing, but it's the middle of the Ukrainian steppes!
This sacred place was the interest of all the people living in the country at different times, as it has always had amazing mystical powers! As well, there is a belief that the creation of this structure — the handiwork of aliens. Moreover, during the Second World War it was carried out of the secret army Ananerbe, which is known to have been created by Hitler to search and explore all that transcends our understanding …

Ten minutes from Melitopol. A fantastic jumble of huge boulders. It looks a lot cooler than the statues of Easter Island, and even the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu. No scientist in the world did not give even the slightest acceptable version: where it came from the steppes of Ukraine?

This prehistoric monument psychics feel thanks to the outgoing stream of light energy. It can also record the satellites. Therefore, high energy sandy outcrop with five-story building has long attracted people. This is now where you can read "Here was John." And ten thousand years ago left their marks here and messages primitive people.
Examine the Stone Tomb — that is evident in the first place? That's right, the mysterious inscriptions.

These petroglyphs first sketched at the beginning of 1887 Petersburg professor Veselovskii. And they figured out how to be an archaeologist Otto Bader in 1950. Judging by the images of mammoths, woolly rhinos, cave bears and lions, people visited the Stone Tomb another 14 thousand years ago!

But Bader saw in the petroglyphs and more … touches the mysterious Sumerian writing! So they were like the cuneiform characters from the textbook of German archaeologist Arno Pebelya "Fundamentals of Sumerian grammar" (1923).

The Nazis knew something!

It is known that Hitler, intending to attack the world, blessed and provided hordes of scientists who had to find a magical justification Nazi forces. They were digging around the globe, from the Egyptian pyramids and ending Necropolis Nibelungen.
It is no accident during the occupation of Ukraine sudden interest in the stone tomb showed a Nazi who oversaw the institution of "Ahnenerbe" ("Ancestral Heritage") SS Reichsführer Himmler. He considered the Stone Tomb as the oldest sacred monument … Aryans.

That's why, when the fall of 1941, the Wehrmacht captured Melitopol, experts arrived here, "Ahnenerbe", organized in 1942-43. Stone Grave excavations. The research results have not been published until now.

We only know that in the grotto Dogs German experts have managed to read 40 "proto-Sumerian inscriptions." It is their our compatriot, learned AG Kifishin in his "ancient sanctuary. Stone Tomb. Trying to decrypt the file proto-Sumerian "(Kiev. 2002) dates the 6200 BC And since "the story begins with the Sumerians," that archaeologists agree with Kifishin that at the end of the IV millennium BC Sumerians were gone from the Lower Dnieper in Mesopotamia, and they were replaced by … tripoltsy.

But what is most interesting in the traditions of the Sumerians — it says that their legendary exodus took place after their historic homeland "came down from heaven on the celestial chariot of the gods." They came with a cultural mission in the stone tomb. And protoshumerov trained to write, build and cultivate the fields.

Cosmonaut Leonov seen aliens?

Just VI millennium BC dates back to man-made pattern on the plate number 37 Stone Grave (tour of her show) — cylinder with rounded top and a pointed bottom, standing on three legs, and consisting of several sections, two of which have portholes. Shaped spaceship from the past, scientists have another explanation is not found.
And after 8000 years (!) Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov painted in the 1965 film "Ahead — Moon" with exactly the same rounded top of the cylindrical apparatus on three pillars, lands on the surface of the Earth's natural satellite. With the same composite sections and portholes.
The similarity of the more striking that the painting jet engine brake unit throw a hand primer. And on both sides, "Leonov tripod" shows the same signs that the picture number 37! Where such an incredible coincidence?
If this type of petroglyph was one, it still could be attributed to the imagination of the primitive artist (or a fantasy cosmonaut).
But how should the composition of UFO later time — III millennium BC — From the grotto number 7 Stone Grave?
Here is carved boat, over which hovers in the sky … spindle-shaped object. And there is not any cloud — an ancient carver tried to perform labor-intensive work, the shaded background in order to show the real massive UFO case. And in case engraved curved line as a symbol of the movement. As a result, an object like a "flying up the torch."

UFO is. Proven!

Is it a coincidence that it was of such a UFO wrote in his "Natural History" Roman scholar Pliny the Elder (23-79 years). "In 66 BC, the consulate Gnaeus Octavius and Gaius Suetonius, was seen a shooting star. Which is a fall in the size and increased, reaching values of the Moon (!) And dispersed into something like a white cloud, and then turned into a torch, returned to the sky. This phenomenon was proconsul Silenus and his entire entourage. "

No less interesting image on the plate number 19 stone tomb. Computer processing of the petroglyph modern scientists has identified a unique aircraft — "diskolet" with such technical details, how would envy modern NASA and other space monsters. Moreover, all the details of the device are drawn in detail!

By the way, drawing on the proverbial plate number 37, where the UFO is shown on the background of most of Stone Grave, to the smallest detail like the ancient Chinese character for "Dwelling son of heaven." Relic letters Celestial kept drawing — a rocket standing on a hill, as on take-off site …
By the way, fake, innuendo in this case are completely excluded by international examinations …

Ukraine bequeathed heavy duty technology

In favor of the extraterrestrial origin of the Stone Tomb convincing, and the fact that the Sumerians and Chinese historians ascribe priority invention of the wheel, making art boats and musical instruments, dig wells and build defensive walls.

Surprisingly, the Sumerian priests repeatedly sent an expedition to "our" stone tomb. Last time — in 2517 BC according to the decoding of the famous Sumerologist Kifishin.
And around 2600 BC the legendary "civilizer" the ancient Chinese, according to the Taoist canon, left them forever on his "dragon" and turned back into a star Syanyuan (constellation of Leo.) That is, both events occurred almost simultaneously!

Is it because only the Sumerians and ancient Chinese astronomy was so developed a tradition that familiarized them with her "gods from heaven '?

Sumerians were known even relative sizes of the planets, as well as the type and color of the atmosphere from space! Not to mention the form of the Earth from orbit! And when, in December 1973 the United States was prepared by NASA to obtain information from a space probe "Pioneer 10" of Jupiter, the researcher Zecharia Sitchin Sumerian culture gave NASA the appropriate description of Jupiter and the other "outside" of the planets by the Sumerians. And this information is confirmed!

Where did this information not knowing telescope Sumerians could learn how not to UFO crew, whose images are so carefully carved on the walls of Stone Grave for three thousand years?

And maybe we, Ukrainians, worth more attention to the legacy of the past. And suddenly there in the stone tomb, stored messages, which will allow Ukraine to become the most highly developed and prosperous nation on Earth?

Atlantis in the steppes?

Home riddle rock carvings in stone graves is not that what purpose, and when and by whom they were deposited, particularly trident. Mentioned by Plato of Atlantis — the inhabitants of the sunken continent of Atlantis. He called them "children of Poseidon." A symbol of Poseidon, as we know, it was a trident. Perhaps, after the destruction of Atlantis part of its inhabitants managed to escape and settled on the uninhabited but fertile lands of Azov? And the name Slav — Antes gives more reason to reflect on our origins with you …

Help "BB"

Reserve "Stone Grave" was founded February 12, 1986 as a special environmental and historic area of national importance. Its area is 15 hectares. Among the steppe plains towering stone bedding fantastic, some alien beauty. Today, in the world, there is probably more of a cultural monument of the ancient history of mankind than the Stone Grave — he more than 12 million years!



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