Strange phenomenon — Fire Wall

Strange phenomenon, which will be discussed in itself rather rare. Call it by different names: the "red mist", "purple haze", "ghostly wall of fire." And to this day a mystery it poses many questions for scientists.

Novosibirsk engineer Vadim Fedoseyev encountered this mysterious phenomenon in the taiga expedition Novosibirsk and Tomsk physicists.
He then headed the palates olshuyu group of eleven researchers whose goal was to study the impact area of the famous Tunguska meteorite.
But first in the order of training and testing people for compatibility expedition headed in the opposite direction — to the north.
Is there a small lake, perhaps even a swamp, and it was watching some kind of devilry.

Equipment was chosen very carefully. Took with radios, dosimeter, a magnetometer, photo and video equipment. On the third day came to the ridge of low hills and decided to rest on a well-blown and almost treeless top of one of them.
And when Fedoseyev colleagues looked at her, then looked down on the other side of the hill, something incredible: all the space in the northern part of the horizon was filled with bubbling lava fire — so, at least, it seemed to the members of the expedition.
Out of this boundless sea of fire erupted purple clubs like protuberances, and, worst of all, the whole mass of the fire quickly rose up to the camp of researchers.
Perhaps physics then beat all records running cross country. Ran to a safe distance, about an hour to recover, sharing the most fantastic suggestions. But nothing happened, and Fedoseyev two friends went to investigate.
To the top of the hill they came, as a novice skydivers to the edge of the tower, and stopped, amazed as much as the first time: the fiery lava, pour all the visible space to the horizon, disappeared! At the bottom of the trees gleamed a small cozy little lake, slightly rippled evening mist. Next, to the horizon, stretched endless taiga wall …
But a resident of St. Petersburg N.X.Langovoy failed to escape from the ghost of fire. It took place in Kazakhstan, when she was 14 years old. His father, a truck traveling on business, often fidgeted girl to his friends, and he followed on. On that trip, he left his daughter with his grandmother in Tyubbe Bazaar (now Bazarchulan), where she helped her to work on the plantation.
The morning was fine calm weather, the sun is hot inferno. The girl stood up to take a breath, and suddenly saw something far away on the horizon like a cloud. They were happy with my grandmother, which may, in the evening gather the rain, and then bent over the beds. And after 15-20 minutes of fire came very close veil veiled all around! She goes to infinity to the right, left, up. I quickly rushed towards the village!
Grandma cried the girl ran to the village — the old woman was still not reach. And she stayed on the plantation. Had to run four kilometers. Several times the girl looked back and saw a wall of fire catches up with her! This finally happened! Running felt around her orange haze.
Then came the sound of the back, and just in someone's ear baby grunted heavy breathing! Running should stop, but his settlement sheet overtook the girl went through it and raced on! The girl ran like a frightened colt woozy!
The village started a stir, even old men do not remember such a phenomenon. By evening the father came and told me that, too, met with a veil of fire, do not do any harm, even when standing in the back of a barrel of gasoline.
If it was a mirage or an optical illusion, could he so scared of animals? With what speed rushed to the wall ghostly fire without wind, 15-20 minutes if it flew from horizon to melons?
Misty mysterious anomalies — are not uncommon. In the archives of the Moscow center "Solaris", which specializes in the research of paranormal phenomena, for long years of observation accumulated a lot of photos the most unusual mist generation.
Especially impressive pictures of giant bagels, reaching a diameter of several tens of meters. They managed to fix the sudden appearance in the marshy river valleys suburbs.
Not so long ago the north of the Kaluga region in search of similar phenomena related expedition explored "Solaris" local group "A new impetus." That's according to one of the participants of this phenomenon:
"At first our eyes in the middle of nondescript lawn appeared red pillar. It seemed that someone poured a glass cylinder fire. However, no unique topographic features that can cause rising air currents were observed.
We looked at the column of mist puzzled until someone suddenly lit up his powerful flashlight. Under the beam of light mist instantly turned into a donkey and a regular dew. Just a few hundred meters of the group again ran into a sculpture out of the fog.
At the edge of the forest were three formations resembling inverted dome. Again flashlight made them instantly condense on the grass. Third misty figure — a huge red ball — did not cover, and it lasted about half an hour, until finally it got cold. "
However, the fog could scare not only shaped delights. Several months ago, a resident of Kaluga Natalia Zhuravleva, looking out the window, I noticed from the north moves huge cloud. It seems to be a thunderstorm, she thought, and went to the kitchen. Back in the room, she again looked out the window and almost fainted. Black cloud disappeared, but now the street was raging sea of fire.
It seemed that the land falls rain of fire. Neighboring houses can not be seen through the wall of flame. Initially, the fire was burning bright yellow, then became dark red, and a few seconds later became pink. In this case, the flame does not look homogeneous mass. It pours off spots and stripes of different colors and intensities.
Superstitious woman was horrified. Like what is happening to the biblical end of the world. Fortunately, it lasted long. The light was fading fast, and soon disappeared.
St. Petersburg physicist Valentin psalmists collected and analyzed a lot of messages from people like Zhuravleva trapped in a cold fire. In his opinion, it is nothing like the northern lights in the lower atmosphere. Cause it had broken through to the ground solar wind eddies.
Meanwhile, the "red mist", dubbed as his enthusiastic anomalschiki, continues to surprise and frighten. Particularly strong impressions remain with those who have been inside it. Cold, fire neobzhigayuschy runs off ledges and corners of objects, spread along the walls and ceilings. "Pogasnuv" fiery mist becomes usual white color.
Marked and one of its feature — the ability to focus in a fireball. Once Yaroslavl Sergei Shihin saw from his window on the roof of a neighboring house flames. Wasting no time, he called the fire department.
They rushed through in minutes. But as soon as they got out of the cars as the fire began to take a spherical shape. And soon, a glowing ball came off the roof and slowly departed. Unbelievable, but the "red mist" was transformed into a UFO!
Strange and yet unexplained "fire" an event not only draws people to flight and overtakes them, but also the running away from persecution! A similar case occurred in Estonia, near the village of Rapla during the Soviet era. Burned so that the fire saw people all over the area!
And it seemed — a fire nearby, close. As it turned out, the two extremes, in which the burning glow of shared distance of 60 kilometers. The first phone call came at 20.36. Someone reported that they had lit farmhouse.
At 20.48 in the control room phone rang again, and the same voice apologized: "An error occurred. I do not know that I have the eyes, I could pochuditsya! But the farm is obviously not burn or fire. Fire somewhere further, only the glow very much. "
As it turned out, by this time the area scoured for five fire trucks. They were chasing the glow that way and that, up to the borders of the region, but in vain. Surprisingly, nowhere in smoke! Would remain this "fire" a white spot in dispatch logs, if not a fire truck, left the farm Michurin.
The day the sun went in 18.52. The moon was supposed to appear in 21.32. The weather was beautiful. And in this slowly growing darkness flared grandmother's house Lizzie. According to witnesses, there was a feeling that the sheer flames burst out of the windows and the roof closes. And — no sound, no smoke!
Fire truck in a flash shot to the hill. Braked. But instead of jumping to the ground, the team was still there, wondering. Fire-it was not! The house was unscathed.
Prepared by Irina Sergunina
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