Sun attacks: the end of the year will fall to Earth 25 magnetic storms

By the Earth magnetic storm is approaching. It is caused by emissions of plasma on the sun, which happened three days ago. Scientists warn that in the next two months, the solar activity will increase. And that, above all, will feel the weather-sensitive people.
MES is projected by the end of the year is expected about 25 geomagnetic disturbances. With the most tangible manifestations of solar activity will face in March-April and September-October.
Recall one of the last major magnetic storm touched our planet in the middle of February. On the Sun was recorded series of flashes that struck the Earth powerful solar flux.
As for the weather, spring — until just a calendar. While in Moscow the day the air warms up to zero degrees ahead — the next cold snap. The real spring, the weather forecast, will begin only at the end of the month.


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