«SUN began selling the printer for printing electronics and research laboratories

The first home printers for printing electronics have entered the market. This is a serious claim to leadership in the industry!

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The printer NEO Skate, named in honor of the slope — fish capable of producing an electrical charge is used for applying liquid formulations, including — printing conductive ink. It allows you to use different types of ink, making it universal. The area of application is wide. The printer can print electronic circuits, facilities makroelektroniki, solar cells, RFID tags, etc. And most importantly — do it quickly and cost-effectively!

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NEO Skate easy to use, compact and relatively economical. It is perfect for making small batches or even one prototype, which is particularly important for scientific and research institutions. No coincidence that one of the first printer was purchased by Applied Acoustics Research (Dubna), which required a multi-function printer installation of the application of liquid compositions.

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Thanks to the precise mechanics of the printer components are applied to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. This method of printing circuit boards — a significant savings clause, as in traditional methods "to release" goes to 96% of the original material! In order to provide this accuracy, the developers put into the printer sealed glass box where no air movement or dust microparticles can not hinder the process.

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NEO Skate was first presented at the 2011 ROSNANOTECH which aroused great interest among professionals. In Russia, this equipment is not produced by any other company. Foreign counterparts are generally not available to the general availability, the major manufacturers of electronics create them and use for their needs. There are other methods of printing circuit boards, but they all have their drawbacks: more wasteful of time, costly equipment takes up space, and the printing process is harmful to humans and the environment.

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NEO Skate printers are sold in the marketplace, cost significantly less than their peers, and environmental friendliness. Therefore, experts Innovative Company "SUN" confident that their development will be a huge success!

SAN Group of Companies was established in March 1, 1998.
Today the group of companies "SUN" is:

— The world's first international network of studios UV printing branded SUN Studio, which is owned by JSC "Franchising Company".
— Only in Russia and the CIS factory ink and high-tech chemical products
— One of the best chemical. development laboratory in Russia
— Only in Russia and the CIS plant equipment of digital inkjet printing
— Development department of high-tech digital printing equipment, electronics and software
— International Service Center with service facilities in 14 countries and more than 70 service engineers
— Within the framework of the federal program, together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, in 2010 Hood at the Novosibirsk State Technical College Press, opened "The Academy of the press"
— SUN company has dealers in over 40 countries around the world
— More than 300 employees worldwide, including 60 developers: chemists, physicists, engineers, designers, engineers and others

25% of the common stock owned by the Government of the Russian Federation on the State Corporation "RUSNANO", 20% owned by Capital Group "URALSIB" and 55% of the shares — the founder of the company "SUN"

The company is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of various kinds of high-tech equipment and consumables in the field of digital inkjet printing:

UV-LED printers
Printers for triplex films
Printers for printing on ceramics and glass
Printers for printing circuit boards and components makroelektronniki
Assemblies and modules odnoprohodnoy Print
LED UV sources
Universal Electronics Printer Management

Ink based on nanotechnology:
UV ink
Inks for glass and ceramics
Aqueous ink for office and home printers
Conductive ink
Ink to print solar cells

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