Super blitz to Rashid Nurgaliev

Super blitz to Rashid NurgalievChallenging outstanding performances interior minister before legislators in the Lower House of Russian Parliament. Rashid Nurgaliev reported on the reform of the Interior Ministry to the deputies. And by the developed shortly tradition bureaucrat could leave the building at Hunter's Row to thunderous applause incessant, but representatives of several factions immediately conspired to test the strength of Mr Nurgaliyev on him and pozadavat "exam questions" in the form of a specific re-certification. In the course of the responses Minister was clear that Gen. Nurgaliyev decided to show that the deputies of the State Duma — this one, as they like to elect some voters, and the representatives of the Russian government, and he that is, it is something else entirely, because the brand is assigned special areas .

After the speech, Rashid Nurgaliyeva the public of the Russian Federation was divided into two camps. Representatives of the 1st of them have taken a tough stance on the fact that today the Minister was one on one with people who knew nothing about the activities of the Ministry, and therefore do not have the sovereign right to ask the Minister of sensitive issues. Others, however, have seen in the parliamentary hour Nurgaliyeva some indication of Russian democracy, when lawmakers representing the interests of the Russian people may ask, with at least some representatives of the Government on the activities of his department.

As an impartial report produced Rashid Nurgaliyev, everyone can judge myself, but it was evident that at least some duty to report at least some Russian Minister of the deputies is not seen by the other as a kind of languid service that you simply undergo zapasshis somewhat heavy tirades. In the middle of such tirades Minister of the Interior and the tirade was that the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has just started and that he made to Mr Nurgaliyev stops.

Indeed, it would be surprising if the minister announced that the police reform has been completed and all before the 1st Russians now, then you can feel the true relief from what requalify police from now on will be a wall to stand on the protection of the interests of every citizen, gives priority to his honor and oath. With all of this on the level of crime in the middle of law enforcement officers in Russia is not the states except that lazy. Almost every day there are reports that in that or in any other Russian region "last recertified" police became a defendant in another scandal, from the obvious to the everyday hassles of crimes involving the use of guns and the natural abuse of official capacity. Naturally, this does not mean that before the reform Russian representatives of law enforcement to prevent violations of the law, but specifically with the beginning of vseobyatnoy police reform public tied some hope. Only later it became evident that neither the declared re-certification, or change the name of departments and rescued billion, did not become a panacea for the impunity of law enforcement officers.
The essence of the sovereign Nurgaliyeva speech boiled down to the fact that it was made much much more to be done, but it seems Anyway, now criticize the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs — the last thing, because the world is quite countries where police commit more crimes, if in Russia . Among such countries were Spain and the United States. It states that the chief guardian of the rule of law in Russia persuaded, that neither he nor his department does not deserve the criticism that falls on them in the near future. The sharp rejection in Nurgaliyeva called word of representatives of the faction "Fair Russia" about the fact that the Minister, with all his own personal integrity must submit a letter of resignation, as his subordinates apparently not controlled by the tasks assigned to their commitments. Such words Rashid Nurgaliev referred gaze "through the prism of their own feelings and hotelok" deputy Gudkov, indicating that he minister just does not see any personal blame for a string of atrocities committed by the police for the near future.

Who will carry out his analysis of the so-called first stages of police reform, without taking into account not "own emotions" Duma deputies, not personal conviction in the success of the reform of the sovereign Nurgaliyeva.

Thus, reform MIA is on our country by leaps and bounds. With all of this up to now no 1st official report about what time it is an epoch-making event cost Russian taxpayers. Prior to the reform, voiced some figures that have to be spent to upgrade the type of agency. Past money once the Minister Alexei Kudrin said that his ministry require 200 million rubles, and that's just for, tell them so, cosmetic reforms. Deputy State Duma Vladimir Vasiliev in 2010 meant that the overall price of the reorganization of the Interior Ministry would cost the treasury 600 billion rubles. With all this deputy Vasiliev read that even that impressive amount of investment is no guarantee of positive results.

In other words, even at the initial stage of reform, the reform itself has seen quite a risky venture, the positive results that can be expected in operation 50/50. In other words allocated huge funds are converted into Divi matches: there was — was not. In fact, citizens of the Russian Federation stated struck the same, so we have not entertained the huge illusions: they say, you only pay their taxes, their portion will be put to replace signage and re-certification, and the quality of the guardians of law and order can not improve.
First manifestation of reform look followed by:
change of signs, decals, labels, badges and patches;
dismissal of several 10-s of thousands of employees who Tipo can not be controlled with the obligations incumbent on them;
the emergence of the personal weapon instead of an empty holster from the police;
configuration of the traffic police, including new rules for passing technical inspection of the vehicle, which suspiciously outside indistinguishable from of old times, except that the latest price;
increase in wages, "left" to employees;
the need to introduce themselves before transmit to the station. And all of that sort.

If this is the tasks of reforming the Interior Ministry, here Report sovereign Nurgaliyeva looks completely acceptable. And spent a billion to really focus strictly on Fri

But is not an ordinary Russian citizen cares what color chevron appeared in the one who has to stand on the protection of the law? Does the average person curious to know about how to improve the salary of the officer MIA? Do we reassure you about that in the United States and Spain police commit more crimes than the police in the Russian Federation?

Of course, that instigated the reform has lost touch with its specific purpose — to increase the authority of law enforcement officers, to give people confidence that the representatives of the Interior Ministry will stand on the protection of civilian interests. And if the sovereign Nurgaliyev not think, in other words whether it makes sense to seek written statements from him at will? Man which believes that he is right, and if it is not right, see point first, to convince him of his error completely stupid. We have, then, as we know, none minister is not responsible for the lack of professionalism and sincere outrage own subordinates … He is above it all … I
t's not choose, and appoint! A mean and judge its activities and employees of his department we are a priori not have the right … We have a right only to pay taxes and pay for any reform of their own pockets. That is our right! And there is nothing here, you know, to the Minister to ask awkward questions and get in the way of his reform efforts! ..

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