Super Bomb U.S. ready to strike Iran

Super Bomb U.S. ready to strike IranSouth American precision bunker bomb ready, after a couple of years of testing.

According to its features, it is one of the most massive ever made. Pentagon izderzhal about 330 million dollars for the development of the bomb and the means of their delivery. She is able to break through 200 feet of reinforced concrete (60.96 m). U.S. expects that bomb able to hit the Iranian and North Korean bunkers. If successful, the application of such a bomb or even suspend it absolutely kills Iranian nuclear program from.

For the latter as it will force Iran to think so now he can not guarantee the security of their nuclear facilities, even deep underground. Although the efficacy of such bomb is dependent on the strength of the soil with which it comes into contact, and the internal structure of objects.

Bimbo bomb included in the nomenclature of arms distant bombers B-2 Spirit, able to take on board the combat load of up to 23 tons. Any bomb MOP, curb system GPS, contains about 2.5 tons of explosives and intended first for the destruction of underground secure storage of weapons of mass destruction.

Bunker bomb will be included in the nomenclature of the arms of a promising South American bombers far NGB. This requirement is contained in the preparatory version of the terms of reference the U.S. Air Force to build a new plane.

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