Superkuritsa carried the giant egg

Novorossiysk poultry farmers go for the world record. One of the chickens at the poultry farm carried the huge egg — it weighs 184 grams.

Factory workers have always boasted that it is very good feed their laying hens. But how is such a large egg, no one knows for sure. According to one version, three yolks merged into one shell in the most chicken. For comparison, the weight of a large egg selected is about 65-75 grams. A giant egg is three times more than usual: weight — 184 grams, length — 8 inches in diameter — 6 centimeters. To look at it as a small boulder.

Chicken-record holder, who laid the golden egg, can be found. Could work a miracle any of a hundred thousand. Attendant noticed a sensation, already had left the egg itself to them on a conveyor belt.

Representatives of poultry experts were quick to contact Guinness World Records. But did not work directly, but through an intermediary — the news agency "Paris", which processes applications and publish the official records. The specialists of "Paris" was advised to collect a bunch of papers and evidence. Poultry And every second counts. During three weeks of the beginning of the egg shrink and weighs ten grams less.

But wait indefinitely for a response from Moscow is not going to. The good to be not in vain, eggs cooked on a journey. The first thing it wants to take to the nearest agricultural exhibition — show themselves and the miracle.

Andrey Tkachenko, Manager, Trade and Supply Novorossiysk poultry: "That's when we prove the record, then only be able to open the egg and unravel the mystery of Mother Nature."

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