Supertank T-95 was changed to armored car from IVECO

Supertank T-95 was changed to armored car from IVECOIn April 2010, appeared in the media eye opener. It turns out that the military shall be removed from the tank to 195, also known as T-95, of the development work on the modernization of existing tanks, "Burlak" double-barreled self-propelled artillery system "Coalition" also from landing BMD-4 and the "Octopus". In addition, in the blacklist were BTR-90, BMP-3 and BMPT.

The army and the military-industrial complex: Lupi own to other people …

Cases of armed forces and military industry were never bright, even in the years of Russian often had conflicts due to the fact that some companies sometimes for years could not provide the necessary tactical and technical properties of the produced samples. But usually, these "disassembly" is not publicized, and the issues addressed in the shadow cabinet. But in the last three years of military conflicts and industrialists became public. Unfortunately, it all began to remember the persecution of Russian arms manufacturers. There are publications where amateurs have come to associate the same armor with the products of the Russian car industry, although it is incompatible things.

For foreigners the new sights and Kondyukov, and his …

Some warlords began to blackmail gunsmiths cues, such as the fact that "more profitable to take supported by the German" Leopard. "How much mud was poured into the Russian T-90 tank, although the army has purchased version of the machine, which according to its inferior traits, for example, modifications to Algeria. For the country's tank was built with an eye to the automatic target tracking, which greatly increased the capacity of gunner and commander. Plus Algerian tankers learned what kondyuk. Their Russian counterparts about such "luxury" could only dream, and in fact the T-90A were , in the main, to the South military District.

The exciting thing: if high-ranking bureaucrats strongly played down the pros Russian art, the people who operate it, usually responded well on the same T-90 tanks.

Instead of the T-90A was decided to upgrade the little old "semdesyatdvoyki." First, the military bought the machine, known as the T-72BA, in fact, it was an old tank, which only increased the power of the engine and changed the caterpillar tracks. The present system of fire control and advanced thermal imaging sights and have not appeared. Dynamic protection also remains outdated. Last year, it was solemnly declared that the teams are located in the North Caucasus, received a further modification of T-72. Here, however, left an old engine with a capacity of 840 hp, but found the Belarusian sight with thermal channel. Installation of reactive armor looked ugly in general — in front of the tower was a huge blatant land.

Super T-95 tank was expensive and unnecessary to the characteristics …

Official circumstances rejection of the forthcoming development of the T-95, we have not learned. True, the media began to write what he recklessly roads, steep learning curve, its properties sverhizbytochny, someone generally referred to this war machine, "an echo of the cool war." Some people certainly do not like the fact that powerful gun of the tank does not give chances to South American "Abrams", the latest "Leopard" and every "Leclerc" with "Challenger".

Tank nor has anyone in the world surpassed property protection for the crew. What is not so little was said by detractors Russian technology, they say, the T-90, BMP-3 and BTR-80 does not come to the rescue of life fighter. And at the same time ultra-secure the T-95 was superfluous in its features. Purchase of old patch up the budget of T-72, for sure, very advance army in saving soldiers' lives …

IVECO — is everything

If the funds in the T-95 is not found, then the purchase of the Italian armored car IVECO LMV, we have received the designation of "Lynx", decided not to skimp. It is true they say that the generals are preparing for the last war. Between mine and explosive activity militants in the North Caucasus is nothing mine-protected for the troops was not purchased, and immediately decided to buy here, "Lynx" tyschami. Declared that there will be transfer of technology, and in fact all resulted in obvious screwdriver assembly.

Observers wondered: what's the rush? Our industry can do the technique is not worse. It is also cheaper. Even more so in the coming couple of years, we wage war with no one going. Even if things will be, too, "Lynx" still does not help out. But left without spare parts can be easy.

Not counting the "Lynx" was also an attempt to push out the troops out of date plohozaschischenny IVECO VM 90. You can still remember the purchase, allegedly, on trial, "the wheel of the tank" "Centaur". Oh, that's where the really cool War Machine armor with a narrow and low security features. What are they for us?

"Armata", "Boomerang and" Kurganets "

Instead of T-95 industry instructed to do, "Armata", which, according to the data shown in the same vsesuschih media is light-option Object 195. Newly designed infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers to be at the level of the best global models. Instead of double-barreled "Coalition" is being created more conventional single-barreled version. That, in principle, also good. But while all of these machines is in the form of meshes, which, at times, the case illuminates on any shows. They must be made in metal, to pass the tests. Do not grow cold war over the years to these products of the Russian military-industrial complex, they will not be called again, outdated and expensive? That is the question.

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