Superweapon for military help to create astrologers

Superweapon for military help to create astronomers

The American company «Boeing» start work on the next phase of the design of the main laser-aircraft cannon — the creation of super-powerful adaptive optics system.

Management "Boeinga" signed a contract with the management of the U.S. military «HEL-JTO», which is developing a laser gun «HEL TD». It is planned that in the past 15 months will be put into operation and will test an adaptive optical system for tactical high-energy laser cannon. As to the details of the contract, then they are classified. But as is typical, adaptive optics in small tactical lasers have never been used. Its potential ability is not yet explored, but it can significantly increment the effectiveness of fire in bad weather criteria.

First adaptive optics designed for implementation in the telescopes. Astrologers needed device capable correct blurry images and providing accurate images even in distortion of the wind, thermal flows, and other astronomical objects.

Application Adaptive Optics can significantly reduce the size of modern tactical lasers

For example, the system Adaptive Optics in telescopes «Keck» consists of a 15-cm mirror, which is able to change the characteristics of its own curvature of up to 670 times per second. This contributes to leveling the distortions that enters the environment. In the same way will work and adaptive optics laser guns: it will eliminate interference in the atmosphere for a clear hit the target more than the total number of Laser energy. Itself system should be light and small-sized, able to increase the range and accuracy Laser Shooting without a significant increase his acts of force beam.

During the development of adaptive optics for high-power laser beam designers had to use sverhtehnologichny nodes, sensitive detectors and ultra-fast calculators that can determine the characteristics of the surrounding space and a suitably deform the mirror of the laser.

Most recently the company «Boeing» first step is the creation of adaptive optics has ended. This step involves the process of design, construction and testing in laboratory conditions. According to the new agreement, for the first time the company will experience an adaptive optics with a high-energy laser «HEL TD», at the current time which remains a major project related to the development of laser weapon for the U.S. Army.

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