Surrogate war for the sake of killing Yankees whim and profit (Veterans today, USA)

Surrogate war for the sake of killing Americans whim and profit ("Veterans today", USA)The myth of democracy, the form of government, organized crime

Approaching July 4, America's Independence day, is 234th. One of those patriotic prazdnichkom that, even though we do not want to admit it, uniformly lose their meaning. Among them veterans day (otherwise referred to as the Day of Reconciliation), a day of remembrance and others that have long faded and turned into additional output for civil servants. Outside, everything remains as before: the same parades in memory of the victims, the disabled and veterans, but now they are for us almost as overdue product, a burden to society. The same story is repeated each time war the war.

Between the war and the associated rhetoric has always been a big difference. The more time that passes after the war, the more we learn about it. Under the pressure of our propaganda, even the second global war with the most transparent, it would seem, history no longer seems quite so sure. Thus, the Holocaust, despite the never-ending drumbeat around him, at the moment a little more than a comfortable excuse the massacres in the Gaza Strip.

The border between ally and enemy is blurred. Now, many historians believe that Germany had to win the First World War with the United States. For the history of it is simple — no Hitler, no Holocaust, no communism, no cool war or Korea or Vietnam. Millions of people paid for their help "allies" decades of bitter slavery that eventually led not just another war, and to every war for which we have since had to do, and to each, which we have yet to join. None of the currently available conflict would not exist without the participation of the United Kingdom and France, who are trying to rule the world, using the benefit of America's own hybrid policy. If we think of the Lord Balfour *, and the Rothschilds, the partition of India, Africa or the Balkans, we see that every time we found ourselves not in the best position.

* Lord Balfour — British council leader, the 50th Prime Minister of England from 1902 to 1905, the creator of the Balfour Declaration, the official letter dated November 2, 1917, from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of England Arthur Balfour to Lord Walter Rothschild, a representative of the British Jewish community for transmission of the Zionist Federation of England with the aim, inter alia, encouraging the American Jewish community to put pressure on the U.S. government to reach him from entering the war on the Entente side — approx.

There are three countries where the government can trust the Americans. America does not enter into their number, our government does not trust even your own people. These countries — Our homeland, China, and Vietnam. As for the other — who knows how many of them were bought by "banksters"? Specifically, the United States, England, Germany, France, Italy or Israel may find themselves in the hands of the "banksters." Can the government remain the government, if everyone paid into the treasury tax relief means "banksters", every unit sold guns means expanding their military clientele speculation, every contract, every war, every threat, every new law is to get a stamp of approval "banksters."

What, if any political race would be less than a gang of robbers trying to steal up closer to the trough, scrambling over the heads of opponents and turning the information war in the media, which pay "banksters," all the same "banksters." They reach the delirium of mutual accusations. Which candidate corrupts kids are very young or stealing more than others? Who carries a bible or the thickest harder worships the devil?

The real game — this is war. It is indescribable proportions. At first, the war is the means taken vzaem, then the debt is paid by taxpayers, those whose kids are waging war on the war. Decade of the American Revolutionary War was particularly profitable for the companies — «Exxon» *. Until now «Exxon» has not paid into the treasury of the United States a cent income tax billion and billion of its income. These were covered in oil means the death of thousands of war dead Yankees and military courts, which are fighting for their interests, not for ours.

* Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) — South American company naikrupneyshaya private oil company in the world. (Note

Look for at least some international conflict. The CIA claims that they are almost 10 years old have not heard anything about Osama bin Laden, and that all the "Al Qaeda" can fit in a school bus. "Taliban" is at war with the United States out of hatred for Karzai, and with all this shows the amazing resilience of the presence of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, which seems to be the Taliban do not particularly care about. Does this mean that the war is something unknown to us? Maybe it's another Iraq, in which, in truth, we are bogged down in the second time.

We do not know. In all likelihood, the slave Kuwait and Iraq at the time concluded a series of unexplained cash transactions that are fully able to give an adequate reason for Iraq's invasion in 1990. This story was buried under a newspaper lies about kids thrown out of incubators, and poor respectable inhabitants of Kuwait, who were executed in the streets. Saddam was a long time was the closest friend of America.

Who stirred up this mess? Who has advised Kuwait once again test the patience of Saddam, Saddam has provoked the invasion, America to enter the war to which we, frankly, did not care? This first, Israel. If Saddam controlled Kuwait, you know, the danger would be in America? Instead of a weak and divided country that Iran is manipulating its sole discretion, controlling, in fact, the fifth in store oil on the planet, we would have a powerful ally next to Iran. We were fooled. That's what the surrogate war — we disentangle porridge, but someone else takes the cream.

Saddam could not believe such a stupid American. He held the extremists in check, never let the terrorists to Iraq was producing oil for the United States, ensure uninterrupted and timely supply, taking all that we might realize he pleases, and just right to pay the bills. Can we believe that he really made all those fears, in which he blamed? Yes, some of them. Sheikhs holding the real power in his own country, did not want to put up more with the manner of his reign.

Saddam is more and more like, say, Dick Cheney *, observing all the obligations even under a dictatorship. In the end, no matter what Saddam did, it all pales in comparison to the harm caused by America, which established his bandit "banksterskie" rules unleashed plainclothes war, Iraq is flooded with terrorists, and left the country in ruins, with one million dead and millions, doomed to poor existence.

* Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney — South American politician, a Republican, served in the administrations of four U.S. presidents. (Note

We stomped ally. Yes, it was a dictatorship, destroying his people, but similar to the one we are building now in America. And all for what? For agents. Follow means.

At a time when the troops arrive every day in Afghanistan, when we, along with Pakistan, are fighting a war about which virtually nothing is reported, of which no one knows anything and does not want to know, it's time to ask yourself the more difficult questions. With whom, and in par
ticular, for which we are fighting in fact? Once we started a farce "embedded" journalists in military units, we do more remains, except as to allow Prof. storytellers, propagandists and puppets to sing the praises of the people that sheds blood in the war. It is unrealistic to think of a greater insult. It is not clear, or if these journalists are ready to implement their souls for "access", or just close their eyes from the horror of being killed at the hands of drug gangs out of the government of Afghanistan, which are supported by foreign troops. Maybe these journalists simply are not enough qualified, ignorant or blind.

Rare voices coming from there, begin to sound in the knowledge of the real situation, but so far none of them are not folded the whole picture. The truth is that the war in Afghanistan a little more than a sideshow to the 62-year conflict between India and Pakistan. By protracted, open military conflict and terrorism, which have become global. Who can maintain awareness of a situation where China is Pakistan's war on his hands, Israel — India's arms when America stumped instigation of the drug lords on the one hand, the owners of the oil companies on the other, and, obviously, our hosts in Tel Aviv with the third?

Terrorists in Afghanistan did not exist, and there was no prerequisites involve the United States in Afghanistan. Of course, that September 11 has nothing to do any work, if only something else happened. And this is something we do not know, the U.S. has pushed into the region, so remote that additional supplies for the troops became impractical. The region, where control terrorist operations was not the least crazy.

"Taliban" has completed the creation of drugs. Drug-countries of the Caspian oil and gas would not narkoderzhavami, now destroying Russia.

Afghanistan opens doors to Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and tasty morsel at all times — Kazakhstan, the successor of the Khazar lands. If these countries to add to Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, everything will fall into place.

Now it is possible to control not only the 40% of natural gas, and the lion's share of available on the planet untouched oil fields, recently opened and anticipated, piping, which together forms the world's future, movable hydrocarbon-if he did not get away with this devastating path.

If you check the military spending of these countries, to find out where they are trained security forces, as the origin of their technology and their guns, always immensely expensive and creates dependency on external control, the result of such testing would not cause surprise.

Why America invaded Iran? Why every day, in every newspaper, on every TV channel, almost every session of the Congress, 10's "think tank" of civilization are trumpeting the necessity of a war against a country that never threatened the United States, and which, as acknowledged in the past year CIA, there is no nuclear programs from? If you think about it, just look at the map.

Taking into account the union of Israel and India, a partnership of the United States and Pakistan, the role of the war in Afghanistan, which, for the most part, is reduced to the role of passive victims, 88% of the population of Kabul participating in a riot against the brothers Karzai, drug cartels and their small army of bandits, situation looks at best schizophrenic. And given that the unchanging enemy, the Taliban, funded by America, the situation is already beyond the common schizophrenia.

America is fighting a war in alliance with Pakistan, it has broad support in the fight against the Taliban, Pakistan and attracts even more military forces and bear heavy losses than the U.S.. But, at the same time, the U.S. and Israel to allow India to act openly in Afghanistan, to obtain information and conduct counterterrorism operations against the militants, initially armed and trained by Pakistan, who have repeatedly stormed and America.

Imagine what could push it to America what "unbreakable bond" could claim the death of the Yankees from their own own allies, as it happened in the history of South American warship "Liberty"? This is one of the threats of surrogate warfare. It has no allies, but only the owners who do not pay the bills, but they are reaping the benefits made chaos. Because China is at war with India, Pakistan's hands, at the time when Israel is at war with Pakistan hands of the United States, Karzai and the people of India. It's the same tried and tested method of warfare that has destroyed Iraq. He also ordained the destruction of presentable to the U.S. government, which has replaced government police, thinly veiled, controlled by an oligarchy, which in turn is controlled from abroad. The same method destroys Russia, and is ready to take up Iran.

The art of the game, from plan to implementation, allowed writer Jeff Gates and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to call people "for itself on the mind," the creators of the myth of an advantage of the Jewish race and its role in the overall apocalypse for which at least some manifestation of the people's will, patriotism and even their own interests are secondary to the surrogate policy and servility.

So Makar, the majestic giant of Christianity, America, with its global military hegemony is fooled and feeble, bogged down in the war, compared with which even the war in Vietnam looks a holy crusade. Any subsequent war even more corrupt, more ruthless than its predecessor. 10's of thousands of military personnel conducting the years away from home, dependent on antipsychotic drugs have almost dread of returning to the United States, anticipating that can suffer at the hands of their own as the military, Department of Veterans Affairs, to get a tribunal and end his life in prison the camera as it happened with many veterans of Vietnam.

Without a job, without any guarantees for many of them, when a decade stupid war broke even families, most of them converge in the worldview that the only way to survive — is to spend my life in the army. The fact that thought as Prof. army turned into an army of highly hostages. If the Karzai regime — is narkodiktatura that is true, given unlimited funds, the medieval division of the country into provinces and endless riots, can we call for all that the Yankees at least mercenaries?

Are we better gunman lying in wait for their prey around the corner in some South American town where the little things are trading agricultural poison grown our Mexican and Afghan-NATO cartels?

What brought us 10 years of surrogate warfare? Americans do not want to hear any more about it, although the economic crisis has provided an endless stream of desperate army of unemployed. For many of their service — the only way to get a livelihood. Every day the fathers of families, some of them already for 40, leaving their families in tears and go to war only in order to allow their families do not die of hunger and provide children a simple medical care. Each day moms are ready to pull up stakes, leaving the kids in the care of friends, relatives and even strangers.

Our nedavneshny great success? We killed 500 minions "Taliban" mediocre, that if we had just given up on the agreement with Karzai, have waged war with our enemies instead of us.

In the end, all of this will end the uncertainty weary all the parties involved. The government, which, if not for the efforts of the United States, would have been in power for 20 or 10 years ago, in the end, this power will get. We can call it what you will, but Karzai leaves. What a victory per se, we can achieve? In the best case, we get the same as in 1989, when Russian troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan. Then in America did not have a favorite, we were busy with preparations for those hidden the first Gulf War, Saddam and the coming invasion of Kuwait.

Once upon
a time AIPAC * showed how gullible Christians can be assured side, nasty South American interests. America, as we know, lost. September 11 brought us national security, FISA ** end of everything that mattered to us by our constitution, providing an opportunity to transform into a free civilization international military pirate huge Somalia with nuclear missiles and aircraft carriers. And this is our country, which is now preparing for the next surrogate war with Iran, Venezuela, Turkey or Pakistan? What do we care, it's no longer our country. We just go where they say to us.

* AIPAC (the abbreviation of the English. American Israel Public Affairs Committee) — US-Israel Committee for Public Relations. (Note

** FISA (Financial Information Services Agency) — The act of listening to outdoor exploration. (Note

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