T-54 — the pride of Russian tank development

T-54 - the pride of Soviet tank

If you ask the military to name a few spetsa best tanks made after the second world war, then they will certainly be in the middle of the average Russian T-54.

It was a lot more meaningful experience of implementation of tanks in World War II took place.

Strengthening the protection of German armored armored vehicles at the end of the war, has urged Russian designers to increase the level of fire power of our technology. In 1944, the design bureau of the Ural tank factory developed a self-propelled gun SU-100 with 100-mm gun D-10 C, ACS has shown itself perfectly in the fighting. Experience moved to tank, placing a 100 mm cannon to T-34 were made by several T-34-100. But on the field testing revealed a bug — a box did not maintain such a strong artillery system.

But experience has promoted the development of the T-44-100, and then the T-54 (the "T-54 standard in 1946"). General and technological body taken from the T-44. As for the T-44 frontal sheet made whole by removing the observation slit of the driver, this improved protection front plate. On the roof of the housing is a 2-va periscope observation devices MK-1K.

T-54 - the pride of Soviet tank

Larger tower enhanced configuration is located in the center of the tank, its frontal armor headed for 200 mm. In a cylindrical mask put a gun D-10T and the coaxial machine gun SG-43 7.62 mm. Vertical aiming the gun carried a telescopic articulated TS-20, the horizontal — electric, driven by the commander and gunner.

For the first time, on average Russian tank, installed anti-aircraft machine gun ANC, yes exchange machine gun installed in armored boxes on the shelves gusechnyh, with remote control.

Virtually not touched, tried and tested on the T-44, the scheme of the engine department, but put diesel V-54.

The T-54 was heavier than T-44, but walking is better — a caterpillar made melkozvenchatye with pin engagement and decent cleats, track rollers strengthened, in order to counter the angular fluctuations. Set the blade hydraulic shock absorbers.

In 1949 was held the first modernization, according to statistics 90% of hits in the tank was three feet from the ground, because the thickness of front plate reduced from 120 mm to 100 mm. Removed the machine guns on the shelves tracked, improved anti-aircraft turret. In the powertrain applied a multi-improved oil bath air cleaner and exhaust of dust ejection, set nozzle pre-heater oil, which reduced motor preparation for launch in cold weather. Caterpillar expanded by 80 mm, reducing ground pressure.

In 1951 he had a second modernization. We put the latest hemispherical turret, a new sight, improved seal friction parts, bearings, electrical appliances, to protect from dust. In 1951 he released the T-54A, which is equipped with "Horizon", stabilizer gun in a vertical plane with automatic motorized guidance and an ejection device for purging the barrel. Now it was possible to conduct aimed fire on the move .. In the motor stage air cleaner installed and operated shutters radiator to maintain a rational mode of operation.

In 1952, another major upgrade that caused the T-54B. He was equipped with a "Cyclone" — the stabilizer arms in the vertical and horizontal planes. There are infrared night vision, night vision rifle scopes. The tanks were equipped with kits for self-overcoming of reservoirs. With the help of their tank could overcome water depth of 5 m, a width of 700 m

T-54 - the pride of Soviet tank

In the same 1952, created RT-54, he instead coaxial machine gun, flame thrower installed TAU-1 (automatic powder flamethrower). In the bow of the tank was installed with 460 l ogesmesi .. He could throw a jet of flame for 160 meters

Since 1954, a small batch were made commander T-54K, had two radio stations, charge unit, navigation equipment.

T-54 tanks were the best in its class, since 1946, only in 1958, the UK has made a strong 105 mm cannon. On the basis of the T-54 were made SPG SU-122, BPS-2 tractor, crane SPK-12G.

Tanks massively supplied the Warsaw contract allies in the Middle East, where he held a baptism of fire. In China, the tank copied and released under the title of T-59.

T-54 and T-55 modernization so far are in service in many countries.

T-54 - the pride of Soviet tank

T-54 - the pride of Soviet tank

T-54 - the pride of Soviet tank

The performance properties of the T-54 (T-54A)

Weight, t — 36 (36.4)
Length with gun, mm — 9000 (9000)
Hull length, mm — 6270 (6040)
Width — 3150 (3270)
Height, mm — 2400 (2400)
Ground clearance, mm — 425 (425)
Armament — 100 mm gun D-10T, 3 machine guns SG-43, 1-n ANC (100 mm gun D-10TG, 2 machine guns SGMT, 1 ANC).
Reservations, forehead body — 120 mm (100 mm)
On — 80 (80)
Foods — 45 (45)
The forehead of the tower — 200 (200)
Roof — 30 (30)
Bottom — 20 (20)
Specific pressure, kg. cm2 — 0.93 (0.81)
The stores range, km — 330 (440)
The engine (520 l. Sec.) — V-54 (B-54)
Specific power, l. with., m — 14.4 (14.3)
Track Width, mm — 500 (580)
Radio Station — 10-RT-26 (R-113)
Crew — 4 (4)

T-54 - the pride of Soviet tank

T-54 - the pride of Soviet tank

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