T-80 for Iran: either for themselves or others

T-80 to Iran, neither myself nor the peopleIn 2004, Iran's military wanted to purchase 200 units of the T-80U. This information was sudden tankostroitelnyh for companies of, because a major producer of tanks T-80U was Omsk plant transport engineering, which has long been unable to create these tanks.

Seriously studying the question of production start T-80U at a factory in Nizhny Tagil. But further discussion is not advanced. After all, only to have to start collecting on the line fighting machine of different design came in handy a couple of years. As a result, the Iranians have cooled to the issue, and more offers from them has been reported.

By the way, a real chance for the implementation of the deal was. In those years, the tanks T-80U written-off weapons of mass Kantemirovsky and Taman divisions. They have already developed their own resource and distilled through a tank repair factory for the forthcoming disposal. However, only disposed of the body fighting vehicles, and the tower were stored neatly.

While in Russia began work on the modernization of previously released versions of "vosmidesyatok" — T-80BV. The project involves the implementation of the towers of the decommissioned T-80U on old buildings Bang model.

In the revision of the plans was the fire control system, the installation of the latest improved model of night vision scope, providing the highest range target identification using electrical optical converter third generation. Age also had motor power from 1100 hp up to 1250 hp In addition, we envisage the substitution of an old reactive armor suspended type of first-generation improved "reactive armor".

This modernized version of the tanks began to enter on armament in April 2005, but in very small quantities. And soon all the gas turbine branch Russian tank development generally recognized not promising. Came out as a well-known proverb, either for themselves or others. And there was a real chance to give yourself unnecessary "eight" in "good hands."

After Belarus was able to "float" Yemen became useless army tanks T-80BV. Iran would get the same combat vehicles, even in some ways superior to those serial T-80U, that are currently in service with the Russian army.

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