T-90 tank was the best-selling 2010s

T-90 tank was the best-selling 2010sVolume of export supplies of Russian main battle tank T-90 in 2001-2010 exceeded a thousand units, the report said, "Uralvagonzavod" conducting combat vehicles. According to the company, over a specified period of T-90S tank became the best selling in the world. Naikrupneyshim buyer of machinery has become India. On the arms of the Russian Federation T-90 did 20 years ago, in October 1992.

First contract for the supply of 3 experienced tanks India signed in 1999, and in February 2001 the Indian Ministry of Defense has received 310 T-90S tanks. In 2006, India signed a licensing agreement for the creation of thousands of tanks T-90C, and then entered into an agreement to supply another 330 T-90SA. In total, India wants to increase the number of -90 in service until the 2-thousand units.

In addition to India in 2011, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has received a certain amount of T-90CAnd details of the transaction were not disclosed. Algeria had acquired earlier in the Russian Federation 185 -90, and the fall of 2011 to increment the purchase of 120 of these machines. In addition, 10 vehicles have already received Turkmenistan, and in the summer of 2011 acquired a further 30 tanks T-90C. Finally, in 2011, Uganda was given 31 tank T-90, acquired in 2010.

So Makar, except licensed production of T-90S tanks in India, the export volume of these vehicles was about 870 units, and with the agreements to which the supplies are not completed — 1,020 units. In service with the Russian Federation there are about 620 T-90 tanks of various modifications.

T-90 was created in the late 1980s as a deep modernization of the T-72B. Tank capable of speeds up to 70 km per hour on the highway and 50 miles per hour over rough terrain. It is equipped with automatic guidance systems, night vision goggles, laser range finder. The main gun is 125-mm smoothbore gun.

On the basis of the T-90 "Uralvagonzavod" made armored repair and recovery vehicle Atlet, engineering machine IMR-3M armored vehicle launched bridge MTU-90 armored vehicle clearance BMR-3M as a car fire support BMPT "Frame" ("Terminator").

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