T-90ms: a big step forward

T-90ms: a big step forward

British kazhdomesyachny magazine IHS Jane's International Defence Review published an article by Christopher F. Foss on a brand new Russian tank T-90ms. Creator — the largest zabugorny expert on armored vehicles and armament of the Army. He not only browser such recognizable in the middle of the military professionals of the magazines as IHS Jane's International Defence Review and IHS Jane's Defence Weekly, and the editor of a noble yearly directory of Jane's Armour and Artillery («Armour and Artillery"), his outlook on the T-90ms, certainly deserves attention.

With its main battle tank, which owns Oversize PERFORMANCE IN URBAN Criteria, Our homeland zeroing in on export markets

Christopher F. Foss

Russian Uralvagonzavod has developed an improved version of the main battle tank (MBT) T-90S, which is currently being aimed at the export market. Compared with the base model brand new modification, popular as the T-90ms, different improvement of all 3 components of the triad armored vehicle: firepower, mobility and protection, designed to improve the overall efficiency of its urban criteria. What elements or T-90ms is very reminiscent of the elements of the tank Leopard-2 PSO company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, created for peacekeeping operations.

In time, our Russian motherland disposed of 4 tank factories. Now she has only one — "Scientific and Production Company" Uralvagonzavod "in Nizhny Tagil. In addition to promoting MBT T-90ms on the world market the company continues to sell its predecessor, the T-90S tank commander's T-90SK is also fighting vehicle fire support "Terminator." The latter was developed in accordance with the requirements of the Russian army, but was among the programs, suspended in 2010, the Party "Terminator" was sold to Kazakhstan, where the machine for the first time appeared in the parade in 2011

T-90ms armed with the upgraded 125-mm smoothbore gun 2A46M-4 (in fact refers to the gun 2A46M-5 — approx. Edition), which is claimed to provide a significantly higher accuracy compared with the previous models, and the dispersion of the shells has decreased by least, 15%. In contrast to the model 2A46M its trunk chrome, which ensures its durability overcharge. He also equip the ejector housing and the thermal protector accounting system thermal meander of the gun barrel, which allows the gunner to inspect the line of sight through the bore in the comfort of the tank.

As with all tanks T-72 family, automatic loader located below the turret and provides loading of the gun shell, and then charge a partially burned down the sleeve, from which a shot can only pan. In ammunition includes 22 ready to use the shot (projectile and charge) plus 18 shots in a reserve. Previously, all the spare shots were placed in the body of the tank, but T-90ms Most of them moved to the aft portion of the tower, which is now in the knock-out panels installed on the roof. Other 125-mm ammunition are stored in the fighting compartment, but in a separate section to increase the survivability of the crew.

T-90ms: a big step forward

A complete set of ARMS

The actual composition of ammunition 125mm gun will depend on the combat tasks performed by the tank. The tank can carry on shooting a full set of conventional ammunition, including armor-piercing discarding sabot projectile fledged (BOPS), cumulative projectile (COP) and high-explosive fragmentation projectile (CFC). He can also shoot the guided missile laser-guided 9M119M at a range of 100 to 5000 m Projectile 9M119M equip a tandem HEAT warhead and is capable of hitting targets outside the effective range of the main armament. Of the gunner is required to delay the crosshair tool and the associated illumination laser spot on the target to the missile hit the target, which can take up to 15 seconds at maximum range.

Coupled with the gun 7.62-mm machine gun PKTM (6P7K) is set to the right of the main armament and ammunition has a standard 2000 rounds.
On the roof of the tower mounted 12.7-mm machine gun 6P7K (in fact this gun has a 7.62 mm caliber, but in its place by the customer can be installed mnogokaliberny anti-aircraft gun — approx. Edition) into a remotely controlled weapon stations. It can be rotated 316 degrees in azimuth and range from -10 to 45 degrees elevation for destruction of urban labyrinths. Power supply is provided from a machine gun 2-magazine capacity of 400 rounds each, and out of the likely shooting on the move.

T-90ms to equip a computerized fire control system (FCS), which is said to allow the crew to hit stationary and moving targets, including when the tank itself is in motion, with the highest probability of hitting the target with the first shot in virtually all weather criteria . This PPS has a digital ballistic computer and a set of sensors including a sensor test firing mounted on the roof, and automatic target tracking. There's also a spare sight associated with the main armament and located in front of the main gunner's sight.

On the roof of the tower has a separate stabilized panoramic sight commander, having a television and thermal imaging channels, and a laser range finder that allows you to embody the principle of "hunter-shooter."

The commander also has a day periscopes for the radial observation. The cover flap of the tower can be closed or partially folded back like an umbrella, raised.

Resettled stabilized gunner seat TV / teplovovizionnym aiming system, which includes a laser rangefinder with a maximum range of 7,500 m, and the sight missile guidance 9M119M.

A common shortcoming of Russian tanks had no heat sights, because the T-90ms in the standard configuration is a big step forward, and significantly improved situational awareness makes the tank is suitable for use in urban criteria. For example, apart from the sights and periscopes, four cameras provide almost radial survey, transferring images on monitors commander and gunner. Any camera has a field of view of 95 degrees in azimuth and 40 ° in elevation.

As the power plant is used forced a 12-cylinder diesel engine in-92S2F capacity of 1130 hp coupled with the automatic transmission. This 48-ton tank is equipped with a specific power of 22.9 ps / m, is sufficient for driving on the highway at a speed of 60 km / h

T-90CM able to overcome ford depth of 1.2 m without preparation and up to 5 m — with special equipment.


In the basic model T-90 was used absolutely welded housing made of metal armor with improved frontal armor plate, and tower was well cast and had a built-in armor. The latest version of the T-90ms has a body and a tower with improved armor that provides overcharge protection from ammunition hitting the top.

This superior set of armor protection includes not only the protection of dynamic modules (RS), and passive armor elements in modules that in case of damage can be rapidly changed.

The rear of the hull and turret equipped bars that provide more effective protection against rocket-propelled grenades, and in the fighting compartment are also provided splinter-proof screens to protect the cr
ew from the secondary fragments.

Active protection of ammunition with semi-active laser guidance is provided by an automatic smoke-screens. This system consists of a laser sensor disposed so as to provide radial scan location. Upon detection of their laser hazard, the crew alerted by visual and audible means, and in the direction of the danger of automatic aerosol put Zahav. In addition, the tower can automatically rotate in the direction of the danger from the following actuation of the 81-mm smoke grenade launchers mounted on either side of the tower.

Tank T-90ms is also equipped with electrical protection system that can allegedly neutralize anti-tank mines, kitted out with electric detonators.

This armored vehicle is also installed combat control and navigation system, which is said to be integrated directly to the level of the division.

Outside on the back left side of the hull mounted auxiliary diesel-electric plant that provides the main function of the T-90ms when the main engine is shut down to conserve fuel.

T-90ms is also equipped with equipment for self-entrenching set on the front armor plate, which can be used for overcoming obstacles. Standard equipment auxiliary equipment includes fire fighting system, NBC protection system and the system of communication between crew.

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