Tadic urges Kosovo Serbs to dismantle the barricades of

Tadic urges Kosovo Serbs to dismantle the barricades ofUN investigation over the peacekeeping mission (Kosovo). North of the country is strewn with the wounded dozens. Escalation of the conflict came after NATO soldiers dismantled the Serb barricades, the Albanians were not allowed to raise their roadblocks in the territories bordering roads. Tadic (president of Serbia) also called dismantle the barricades, and not to prevent the entry into the European Union of Belgrade. This provoked Kosovo Serbs (10 of thousands of people) to petition for citizenship of the Russian Federation.

German and Austrian peacekeepers fired when KFOR soldiers used rubber bullets and water cannons, tried to drive away the people who prevented the demolition of the barricades, located on the road that was in the area Yagnenitsa (village). These barriers were constructed in summer, throughout the northern edge to prevent the placement of Albanian customs posts on the Serbian border.

According to Uwe Nowitzki (representative KFOR), Protesters fired from a small-caliber weapon was used "Molotov cocktails." "We were not dealing with ordinary protesters, and bandits and criminals." Severed (from KFOR) 23.

Serbs are bad or great, it's a rather difficult question. Without a doubt, the representatives of KFOR does not take into account the fact how hard it is necessary to Kosovo's Serb minority. It is understood that 12 years earlier, specifically The Serbs led NATO to help the Albanian fighters here, which is now for them is not a non-hazardous location.

As stated Nicholas Houghton (representative EULEX): «We came here to return the law and end the violence. We regret the injuries fighter and pray for them. "

Belgrade does not want any problems. Coming soon will join the European Union, which will take place in exchange for the said land. Because any intolerant statements toward Pristina, are interpreted as a betrayal of the public interest. Specifically, with this and faced Serbian Minister of the Interior.

Ivica Dacic (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs), said: "We, Serbia, can not stand by while Thaci began to anger (armed) in northern Kosovo. These are my words, and do not call me the instigator of the war. "

It should be noted that Dacic is going to resign, the Serbs in Kosovo, want to change the passport. At the moment they are collecting signatures on a petition regarding the issue them Russian citizenship.

Slavica Ristic (a favorite of the community (Serbian) in Kosovo), commented: "They show us your strength, so that force us to recognize the independence of Kosovo. But we will not go away, and let them destroy all the barricades though, we will not retreat. "

As history indicates, these people long waiting to strike. So it seems, the peacekeepers will be fired again. In general, it all depends on the behavior of those who have the power. By the way specifically EULEX and KFOR took responsibility for the conflict appeared. And what happens next, and whether the upcoming communicate barricades as yet unclear.

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