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Many things in our life is so, because not called. And when talking to white long black finally start to believe it, but the white of this did not turn black. A new section of Radio Liberty "words" we are going to expose the true meaning of the used false names.

25 years have passed since that moment, as Mikhail Gorbachev, the first to use this word, which became the name of an era, and at the same time — a vivid example of an inappropriatehis wordsoupotrebleniyu and renaming the.

That that the Belarusian Newspaper April 8, 1986 immediately translated as "restructuring" on actually was not the transformation of the Soviet empire and its collapse and the end of communist power. The result in any case is positive, although not the same. If the mean, Gorbachev said that the word, speaking to the workers in the automobile Togliatti, it turns out that there was no adjustment at all — make the machines Russians have not learned.

In Belarus, for a few years affected the Allied winds of change finally came back to much before perestroika — the same authoritarianism and censorship, the same collective and KGB …

If we believe in the magic of the word, that it is necessary "to call a spade a spade" and "as the ship name, so it will float," could not help thinking that our long-running neperabudova — what is not named. And what was necessary?

Perhaps, as in all the normal world, where Gorbachev's "perestroika" was not transferred from the Russian (in fact it is not no alteration), and so called, as the phenomenon of original and phenomenal — perestroika, or "restructuring" in Belarusian.

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