Taiwan deploys anti-Chinese anti-missile system

Taiwan deploys anti-Chinese anti-missile system

Taipei — May 28 Local media said that Taiwan for the first time launched cruise missiles capable of hitting major military base on the southeastern coast of mainland China.

Taiwanese "Hsiung feng"2E (Brave Wind) 480 km radius of the acts set in a batch create and put into service, said the Liberty Times, citing unnamed military the source. A project codenamed "Chichun" (Hawk Dive), the military spent about $ 1.02 billion. U.S. Department of Defense declined to comment on the information.

Taiwanese experts believe that the disposal of the military People — Liberation Army China has more than 1,600 missiles aimed at the peninsula.
"In a certain extent, the instrument can provide a means of deterrence," knows Kevin Cheng, editor in chief of the Taipei office "Asia-Pacific Defense Magazine". "In the event of a war in the Taiwan Strait, the missiles could be used to attack the airports and other military bases in the PLA." According to estimates, more than hundreds of missiles Hsiung feng 2E aimed at China.

Song Jaw Wen, a member of a group of professionals invited by the Taiwanese military, "Report of the National Defence — 2011", said that it was the first time the cruise missiles were aimed at China.

The tension in the Taiwan Strait has weakened since coming to power in 2008 Ma Ying-jeou, a member of the party friendly to China Kuomintang, in the wake of increasing trade and verbovaniya Chinese tourists. In January, Ma was re-elected for his second and final four-year term.

Yet, as China had not be removed from the ability of the use of force against the island in his passionate desire to return to Taiwan.

3-weeks before publication Defense News said that the Navy took on Taiwan armament latest supersonic anti-ship missile Hsiung Feng III. Rocket range of weapons at once made up of several types of ships in the Navy Taiwan. As expected, Hsiung Feng III will have eight class frigates "Oliver Hazard Perry" and seven patrol boats, a class which is not specified.

In general, the Ministry of Defence izderzhat Taiwan wants to buy missiles Hsiung Feng III 11,89 billion Taiwan dollars (413 million U.S. dollars). New missiles capable of speeds up to 2-Mach numbers (2.3 thousand kilometers per hour) and hit targets at ranges of up to 80 miles (about 148 km). The adoption of the new ammunition is carried out despite the rise of China's military power.

Previously, it was clear that Taiwan in 2012, wants to build a new corvette, which will be transferred to the Naval Forces in 2014. The new ships will be built using stealth technology and will be armed with anti-ship cruise missile Hsiung Feng II and Hsiung Feng III. According to Deputy Defense Minister Lin Taiwan Yuypao (lin — Yu-pao), the construction of the ships will be the answer to the strengthening of the Chinese Navy.

At present, China is working to repair and upgrade languid aircraft carrier "Shi Lang" (the last "Varyag"), designed by 1143.6 and purchased from Ukraine in 1998. Reliable disk imaging progress has not been made public. Previously, some experts implied that the ship running tests could begin in 2011. China's Defense Ministry wants on the basis of "Varyag" aircraft carrier to create a series of their own.

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