Taiwan military applets, prepyadstviya Sun

Taiwan military programs, the problems of the sunFollowing the breakdown of peace talks with China, Taipei and more serious concern to the likely danger of Chinese operations "reunification." Particularly disturbing recent Taiwanese elite Chinese advanced weapons tests. Mainland China's military an advantage to become more natural.

Taiwan's frequent military exercises, the latest military equipment purchases in the main in the United States. But Washington is also naikrupneyshim trading partner of Beijing, Beijing naikrupneyshy U.S. holder of U.S. government bonds. Therefore, so as not to anger once again China, the U.S. delay in responding to a request for the supply of Taipei batch of F-16 fighter jet and party supplies diesel submarines.

Help: Taiwanese discrepancy — In the course of civilian war in China in the years 1927-1950., Between the Kuomintang (nationalist-conservative persuasion) and the Communist Party of China, was won by the Communists. Remnants of the KMT and its supporters fled to Taiwan Formosa peninsula, where did the government — the Republic of China, which is partly recognized by the international community. Beijing also believes completely reasonable that this is a historical territory of the PRC and is ready for a military operation to reunite. And it would have long since spent, if not for U.S. support of Taipei.

Taiwan's armed forces: Permanent armed forces — 290 000, Reserve — 1 657.5 thousand people., Including CB — 1.5 million, the Air Force — 90 thousand, Navy — 32.5 thousand, MP — 35 thousand , paramilitary forces — 26,65 thousand., including the security forces — 25 thousand, marine police — one thousand, Customs — 650, acquisition — the call, the service life — 20 months, mobilizing resources — 6 , 6 million people. Tanks and military vehicles with a weary arms — more than 1,200 units, other armored vehicles — about 1,200. Artillery and mortars — more than 2,500 combat aircraft — 500 (including nearly 150 F-16A and B, 60 — "Mirage-2000-5"). The backbone of the Navy — EM UB 4 "Kidd", 22 frigates with guided missiles (8 "Chengun", 6 "Lafayette", 8 "Knox"), 50 RSA ("Kvzn Hua-6", 2 "Lunchan", 47 "Haiou") , 4 PL (but two training).

The difficulties of the Armed Forces

Although on the equipment, the availability of modern combat aircraft technology in Taiwan, one of the best in the Asia-Pacific region, but there are a number of serious problems that spoil the picture.

— Low morale of the Taiwanese military. They are the heirs of the Kuomintang army, under the command of Chiang Kai-shek — suffered a lot of defeats against the troops of the Land of the Rising Sun from 1937 to 1945, were defeated by the People's Liberation Army of Mao Zedong in 1949, the rush fled to the peninsula of Taiwan. And there were not destroyed just because of their lack PLA transport ships in sufficient numbers, and U.S. support. The main reasons for the defeat of the People's Liberation Army, despite an advantage in weapons — were a little morale, discipline is weak, the incompetence and corruption of senior officers of the command. All of these circumstances have not gone away, just smoothed a good life and time.

— Taiwanese army of "famous" countless corruption scandals.

— In the army holds the system of radial bail, and at least some who are trying to break it and to "strike the prestige of the armed forces," the risk of not only the shoulder straps, but — often — and life.

— Incompetence and poor discipline, once a year in the army killed about 500 people, a whole battalion. The suicide rate in the middle of the recruits, about two times higher than their peers on "citizen." Exclusively in the latest military exercise, timed to meet Obama and Hu Jintao, during the launch of missiles "air-to-ground" and "air-to-air" — the third part of them do not hit the target.

— Higher military operation — it is a typical caste "untouchables" in terms of their lack of control of society.

In the end, if Beijing venture on a military operation likely option when not experiences a strong resistance. Many of the Taiwanese Chinese, for sure, would agree to a version of autonomy, following the example of Hong Kong.

Recent military treaties

Taiwan military programs, the problems of the sun
— In 2010, the U.S. Congress approved the sale of arms to Taiwan and military equipment on 6500000000. bucks. The package approved by the orders entered Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems to the PAC-3 missiles, helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk (60 helicopters), and equipment required for the repair and modernization of the fighter F-16A / B. Taipei also ordered submarines in the delivery of which was denied.

— Taipei waiting for the requested them to supply 66 F-16 fighters Fighting Falcon, the order was placed in 2007.

-Taiwan is an independent development of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, Taipei Times reported, citing a source in the Ministry of National Defence of the country. Creating the device is in the arms race with China. The unit is engaged in the development of the Institute for Science and Technology named Chung-Shan (CSIST). It will be used for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance. In August 2010 CSIST introduced a new UAV Chung Shyang, in development since 2007. By the time the true prototype device created 5. The radius of the acts of the device is 100 km. UAV can stay aloft for eight hours, to observe the objects of the opponent and the old days, and the NIGHT MODE also be used as a repeater.

— Taiwan's Air Force wants to raise funds for the modernization of fighter Lockheed Martin F-16A / B Fighting Falcon, reports Associated Press. Proper configuration is planned to make to the military Taiwan's budget in 2012, when the start upgrading fighters were in service of the country for more than 10 years.

— Taiwan in 2011 to accept armament 12 U.S. anti-submarine aircraft P-3C.

— Taiwan produces mass production of cruise missiles (CR) of its development. In the production of the CD are two types — Chichun (created on the basis of anti-CD Hsiungfeng 2E) and supersonic Chuifeng. It is clear that the missiles could be land and sea-based and designed to destroy airports, military installations and other principal objects in the southeast of China. The development of these missiles to Taiwan in 2000 once a year squandered 68 million. Hsiungfeng 2E has a flight range of 800 km. It is expected that Taiwan will accept into service 300 units of such weapons.

Taiwan wants to modernize the defense of the island. Taipei gave Washington a request for the purchase of 114 missiles "Patriot» PAC-3, 3 function radar AN/MPQ-65, one of the clearing AN/MSQ-133, 1 tactical team Fri, 3 groups of repeaters, 3 fire control systems AN / MSQ-132, 26 launchers, M902, 5 groups of mast antennas (AMG), 1 mobile power station EPP-III, material and equipment for the maintenance of batteries, engines, generators, power supplies, trailers, communications equipment, tools, training and testing equipment, technical documentation, spare parts and components, conducting training, tech support
of the contractor and the Government of the United States, and other related parts logistics and support of the applets.

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