Taiwan received a shipment of Patriot missiles for the complexes

Taiwan received a shipment of Patriot missiles for the complexesSouth American company Lockheed Martin has received from the U.S. Army contract at the cost of 755 million dollars for the supply of missiles for air defense systems Patriot PAC-3. According to a press release, the scope of the contract also comes delivery missiles to Taiwan.

In total, Lockheed Martin will supply the U.S. Army 168 PAC-3 missiles and 27 upgrade kits launchers. In addition, contract provides for the supply of related equipment for the Patriot air defense missile systems and service facilities.

What part of the contract will be in Taiwan, is not specified. Taiwan became the fifth foreign customer of American air defense system in 2009. In December 2011, the company-manufacturer complexes Raytheon received a contract to supply Taiwan complexes Patriot and associated equipment at the cost of 685.7 million dollars.

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