Tajik Kandahar and Eggs of Destiny

Tajik "Kandahar" and "Eggs of Destiny"

As reported by the media, the sentence Tajik prisoners Vladimir Sadovichii and Alexey Rudenko, to be reviewed in the most recent times. So Makar, pilots are likely to be released. In Khatlon regional prosecutor's office received a petition, according to which the measures are applied to the pilots (8.5 years bullpen) should be considered as a very cruel sentence. The representative of the prosecutor's office in Tajikistan Shohruh Radjabov said that the fate of the pilots should emerge favorably, as "Russia and Estonia — are strategic partners of Tajikistan."

It is significant that a petition for commutation of the sentence has been served by the same prosecutor's office, a representative of which sought to condemn Russian pilots to 13 years in prison. The petition for review of the sentence was filed on November 15, particularly after meeting the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon with Ambassador RF Dushanbe Yu.Popovym who returned from Moscow after consultations. Quite naturally, the Tajik Prosecutor was obliged to take appropriate measures to pilots sentenced as soon as possible, as the Russian-Tajik relations broke the real scandal. It is not clear one: what are the Tajik law enforcement officials detained and condemned the Russian pilots and sentenced them to terms so serious. What guided Tajiks: just want to "work out" the plane landed in someone's personal use or in any way affect the affairs of Moscow and Dushanbe, putting into question the nature allied relations with Russia? In any case, the detention of Russian pilots and their trials have customized character. This is one of trial balloons were filled up in the affairs of RF with the countries of Central Asia. And an explanation of the situation from the standpoint of the fact that it is a well-planned provocation aimed at undermining the mutual trust RF and Tajikistan, and, ultimately, to the review of the role of in the region, looks completely believable.

Meanwhile, the crisis in Russian-Tajik relations in the broadest sense of the word there has been a long time. Friendship RF and Tajikistan someone really interfere. And in Tajikistan is looking quite a lot of damage it. It all began, of course, still in the early 90's., When because of the emergence of unbearable existence and began fighting in Tajikistan has rushed real flow of Russian immigrants. Apart from that Tajikistan, following the "fashionable" tradition established by the CIS area, began suzivat scope of the use of the Russian language, time and again calling into question its constitutional status as the language of international communication. And in Russia to the Tajiks are, to put it mildly, not in a nice way. Bad service style RF Central Asia has created in the Russian cultural space image Tajik-Rovsan and his friend Dzhamshuta of the famous comedy transmission. I am not exaggerating niskolechko if I say that Tajiks and Tajikistan are directly associated with a large number of Russians specifically with these views. First is, of course, refers to the least educated members of our society who, but asked the chief chauvinistic tone. In the face of these characters all Tajiks melts in the form of a stupid redneck, humbly-naive and even retarded. Not the case after the release of the controversial film CIS "Eggs of Destiny" in Tajikistan drove through a real outcry. The creators of these characters are entered unwittingly or deliberately confuse the minds of Russians, fueling blunt chauvinism in the worst sense of the word, which, the result is expressed as the dilemmas of international scale, undermining the positive image Russia and its influence in Central Asia. Do not forget that as long as we talk about our unique role in the development of the Central Asian peoples, and we have to behave appropriately, setting an example of intelligence, civilization and culture based on respect and value creation.

Medvedev, promising an "asymmetric response" probably just playing the nationalist card miserable. Although, I think he cares about the fate of Russian pilots languishing in prison. "Asymmetrical response" put in shows the round-up of Tajik labor migrants, their mass deportation, which causes issues, including, and in Russia itself, and plunged into a kind of trance, even nationalists.

All this, but do not underestimate just nonsense and outrageous outrageousness fact of being Russian pilots in Tajikistan bullpen. We wish them a speedy release and return to their homeland, and to the authorities of the Central Asian despotisms — prudence and respect for RF, that continues to sustain their shameless antics.

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