Tajik prisoner

Tajik prisonerThe trial of the "smuggling and illegal crossing of the Tajik border" over Russian Vladimir Sadovnichy and Estonian citizen Alexei Rudenko takes the stage terminates. Attorney Faizullo Holov with the "hospitable" Asian smirk on his lips claims that Estonians and Russian citizen threatened by an average of about 13 years old Tajik bullpen. Let's try to figure out what kind of criminal acts by the views of Tajik law enforcement officers have made the pilots first spring of 2011.

So, in March, two AN-72 crew, the commander of the first of which appeared Vladimir Sadovnichii, took off from the airport in Kabul. Both aircraft are owned (so far belong) of Rolkan Investments Limited, which is registered in one of the offshore (U.S. Virgin Islands). Planes flying out of Afghanistan because of expired contract for the supply of food.

It seems to be completely non-personal situation — the flight from Afghanistan to Russia through the air space of the Republic of Tajikistan. But in this case, from the planned flight Tajik security forces have made a real spectacle. The crews of the request for landing in Kurgan-Tube suddenly barred from the dispatcher and without power due to the lack of fuel to return to Kabul, decide on a forced landing. Immediately after which both sides were surrounded by security forces, and the crews were taken into custody with the motif of a "breakthrough state border."

It should be noted that the compulsory landing, of course, is not a criminal crime, because crew should not risk their lives, the lives of the people on the ground and their aircraft. The only time the pilots could make a claim — is, if inside the aircraft would have been found illegal goods: a weapon, explosives, drugs. So began the Tajik customs diligently to find "zapreschenku." But after a while even the customs officials have acknowledged that there are no unresolved for the transport of cargo on aircraft are in the An-72 is not found. But such a response is not much impressed by the NSC (National Security Committee) of Tajikistan and the "smuggling" the same … to find. She has been recognized aviation engine which transported on a plane polurazobrannom condition. With all of this in any code of the world there is no mention of "contraband" such species. Apparently, the Tajik side was not in principle, to recognize that for contraband, if only to detain a citizen of the Russian Federation Sadovnichego along with the plane. With the same success smuggling could recognize a sandwich and a thermos of tea, which was arrested in the cockpit of aircraft.

But if Tajik security officials set a goal of detention without fail, what are the reasons they had to coerce it? It is time. And why this story did not say out loud in a few months? This two. By the way, the public in Russia, maybe, and then it would not have found out about the arrest of Vladimir Sadovnichego, if not his friends — combat officers. They first tried unsuccessfully to reach high rank Russian Foreign Ministry, and then decided to go to the Public Chamber.

Surprisingly, that for all the words about protecting the rights of the Russian people on the ground in other countries, pronounced control of our country, in fact no protection is not expected. Therefore, the consul, which certainly burdened neuvvyazkami and more important there any pilot Sadovnichego, said themselves, they say, are responsible for, and means let it sit … if such a statement is worthy of official Russian dealer of the country abroad? ..
According to Vladimir Sadovnichego, Russian Consul never even talked to the crew and did not try to render any assistance rovnenky account.

About the circumstances surrounding the detention of pilots and aircraft in Tajikistan there are several opinions. Judgment first. It consists in the fact that someone in this Asian country like air machine AN-72. And in order to get them, is quite enough to make a conviction pilots who are in all the international rules should not be responsible for the cargo, again as if it is legal. But, as it turns out, polurazobrannom engine for the Tajik justice system can be a major prerequisite order to clap pilots to 13 years behind bars.

Yet while planes are in one of the boxes airfield in Kurgan-Tube. But totally possible that the tribunal will accept the decision to condemn the crew commanders 2 AN-72, the Air Force Tajikistan completely free replenish good aircraft.

The judgment of the second. Sadovnichiy Tajikistan was needed in order to "prepare" for the visit of President Medvedev to the country. As you know, all the treaties between states signed first illumine. But do not become a Sadovnichiy — the trump card of Tajikistan, which "covered" the Russian side deals. If so, it is completely possible to wait for an acquittal because, maybe, President Rahmon of Medvedev headed for all that is wanted on the criteria put forward by the Tajik side. If so, what will be the Russian Sadovnichiy Gilad Shalit from captivity which benefited and released "to the world." By the way, in this case, "Gilad Shalit" can be regarded as a stable figure of speech, because in the near future, the capture of foreign people in order to solve municipal problems can be reincarnated as a trend.

But no matter what the motives are not controlled in this matter Tajikistan, never ceases to amaze position of Russian authorities. And the words of the consul, and the silence of the Foreign Ministry — all the links of one chain that does not fit in with the saying that we, Russian, do not throw your own. It turns out that the authorities do not throw only those who are "in proportion" and the ordinary with the "workhorses" small talk. The position, which obviously is not worthy Lofty State.

Tajikistan in connection with the hunt to remind you that the Russian land is now home to more than 2-million people in this Asian country. And if Our homeland will conduct a real inspection of every vehicle entering that, in principle, have to do customs and law enforcement agencies, the smuggling can find so much that last for a couple of squadrons of aircraft An-72.

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