Tajik question: If by Russia and lay the Caucasian and Asian fire, it will burn

Tajik question: If by Russia and lay the Caucasian and Asian fire, it will burnPolitical analyst Gregory Trofimchuk sure Tajikistan — this is the first signal to the "Balkans-3" in Central Asia. "If by Russia immediately lay the Caucasian and Asian fire, it will not just hot — it will burn. With all of this to mean that, in ideological terms the Central Asian resource has not been seriously raised. Mazepa and Bandera — kids, compared with the robber bands from the region, which Russian authorities could not dodavit before the start of the war. Central Asia — or, in the terminology of the United States, "predkitayskoe space" — some Western professionals have long been seen as a playground for the coming clash of East and West, China and the United States itself. Russia in this context as a valid country is not treated — just as the energy base of China, which without Russian hoses not last year, "- told the news agency REX expert, commenting on the proposed agency the reader to interview subject Tajikistan.

According to the views of Trophimchuk, Our homeland remains theoretical leverage on Central Asia, some of them — the water resources, fresh water. But, he notes that Moscow received surprisingly: "In the conflict of Dushanbe and Tashkent at the Rogun she abruptly walked away, offering his own first settle the issue. They will adjust it so that the project will go under the Western tranches, and water and electricity do not receive not only Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan itself. Our homeland crudely, to false start, said that the Eurasian alliance will include Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan — and here it immediately struck. It would seem that there is need to turn your head and look at Uzbekistan, which in the Eurasian plans are not stopped by in principle, but is not done even that. Uzbekistan, for some reason, to this day a loaf of sliced, shaped as letters "U" from the wretched GUAM, and therefore, in principle, is not considered a long-term and reliable partner. "

While chilled Russian-Tajik case, one would throw money in Kyrgyzstan, which can again carry his power, if she did not feed her already in the coming days are, the analyst believes. According to him, Kyrgyzstan — 2nd aqua tank region flush with Tajikistan, and this should also bring money. "On this basis, it was possible to try to pacify Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan by providing the rear, even if the upcoming escalation with Tajikistan, Kazakhstan fact, in the case of inaccurate strategy of the Eurasian Union could remain at these sand" Balkans "by himself, — the expert continues. — No need to be considered Emomali Rahmon lurking enemy of. Rahmon must find the means for the country, that Tajikistan had exploded from the inside. Explosion in Tajikistan automatically undermine the whole of Central Asia, rather look at the sun, turbulent plexus Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan on the political map. Because Russia painstakingly jewelry set up against Rahmon of Tajikistan, fingering the respective material, like links in the rosary: Russian pilots, Rogun, the Tajik countryside sale to China, etc ".
"It should be understood that the long reign of Rahmon — for RF happiness, because the second such Rahmon, Tajikistan will be gone. If Tajikistan set against Moscow, it will be the third, on account of the Central Asian country with which it does not add up the case. Remain Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Our homeland could provide a means to Rahmon, for example, to strengthen the Rogun unit than outright would remove all of the claims made by Uzbekistan over the seismic hazard of the object. This attachment point could run the solution of all other problems. But
means to do so, and no thoughts of those usual for Central Asia, who could not be assessed in the money "- summed up Trofimchuk.

The fact that Tajikistan — place special attention given political analyst Yuri Yuriev, "There has long standing and even operates two hundred and first division of. There's always the threat of military action similar to the earlier of Ichkeria. The situation there is changing every day. For example, in real time Pakistan had a fight with the United States and cut off from the U.S. supplies to Afghanistan. Accordingly, the value of supply from other areas of the United States rise sharply, and can increase the value of Tajikistan to the United States. So Makarov — the Russian Federation should take into account almost all very, very fast and very cheap. And if this is needed RF — No one asks. And can our homeland strive to U.S. bogged down in Afghanistan and ruined, and all post-Soviet Asians figured out who he is friend and who is an enemy, only to realize that their own funds and their own losses? ".

He draws a parallel with the Ukraine: "Mostly Russian people, to a greater degree of Russian lands, and still our homeland can not guarantee the beauty of the results. But if you imagine that Our homeland behaves as an oligarch, all clearly falls into place. The costs are small, revenues are maximized and losses do not conflict. And all jealous of, not being able to destroy it. Accordingly, the question arises, why the Russian Federation to change anything if people do not want to correct the territories of the Russian Federation to serve, help of, to be Russian? '.

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