Tajik tribunal freed pilots sentenced to 8.5 years earlier

Tajik court dismissed pilots previously sentenced to 8.5 yearsIn the courtroom were exempt airline pilots Rolkan — Vladimir Sadovnichii, a citizen of Russia and Alexei Rudenko, an Estonian citizen.

Meeting of the Khatlon regional court in Tajikistan began at 9 am. The meeting room was just filled with journalists.

At 09.10 in the hall were introduced Russian and Estonian pilots sentenced earlier to 8.5 years.

Application for commutation of the sentence of the defense and the prosecution welcomed. After which the prosecution was proposed to reduce the term of imprisonment in the smuggling of up to 2 years, and illegal crossing of the border — to 1.5 years.

Prosecutor by the addition proposed to appoint pilots sentenced to 2 years 6 months 14 days. In addition to the court was asked to pilots free from liability in connection with the amnesty announced in August the President of Tajikistan on the occasion of 20 years of independence. Amnesty will be in effect until December 1. Pilots are subject to its application.

The meeting lasted for quite a long time trial. The verdict was handed down — pilots, already was imprisoned for six months, free on the criteria proposed by the prosecution.


The criminal case against the manager Rolkan Investmens Ltd Sergei Poluyanova stopped. The An-72, which flew Rudenko and Sadovnichiy belongs specifically to this company. On the suspension said Alisho Kurbonov, chairman of the board of the court of cassation Khatlon region of Tajikistan.

Earlier charges of violating the rules of international traffic and smuggling Poluyanova were charged in absentia.

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