Tajikistan and Uzbekistan anticipate South American Gifts

Tajikistan and Uzbekistan anticipate American gifts

Lasts campaign to reduce the number of South American troops in Afghanistan, conducted administered by the United States.

At the same time, the campaign with a certain time is already far not only verbally. Namely, in 2012 documented reduction in the number of American troops on the ground in Afghanistan for more than 98 thousand people. Information for the primary output specifically speak out so that manpower. With all this the Americans, at least, for the coming year do not plan to take with them weapons. This information could contribute to an understanding of what the United States is ready to transfer a certain percentage of military equipment, navigation systems and small guns Afghan army. But entertaining tour Lt. Gen. Vincent Brooks, head of Central Command, U.S. Army, for countries such as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan has shed some light on the following plans for the South American government.

In all likelihood, the South American side not going to leave the Afghan military weapons due to their fairly obvious contacts with the movement "Taliban" and decided to "give" them Dushanbe and Tashkent. With all of this gift will certainly not gratuitous, because the gratuitous gift from the white House or the Pentagon at all times, and even more so in the current situation, it would be hard to imagine for themselves. As proof of this can be seen the results of the meeting with General Brooks Chief of Staff of the Republic of Tajikistan sovereign Nadyrova and Defense Minister of Uzbekistan sovereign Berdiev. The results follow: Brooks promised to pass Dushanbe and Tashkent lot of reconnaissance, artillery systems, armored vehicles, UAVs, small tools, equipment, devices, night-control purposes. From Dushanbe and Tashkent received information that Brooks "would like to help," the Uzbek and Tajik army in the upcoming modernization and improvement. With all of this desire sovereign Brooks connected with the discovery of military training centers, also deploy very large military bases on the territory of the Central Asian states.

Now, please tell me whether there was already a similar situation in recent times with the same "grant" assistance from the U.S. side on the ground of other Republics of the former Russian Union. Shortly before the "thoughtful" solutions Misha Saakashvili's attack on South Ossetia South American servicemen also "helped" modernize the army — Georgian. But after a failed operation troops Saakashvili, South American officers who prepared the Georgian army to "modernize" and spoke of the Georgian armed forces as scum, does not give any training.

Apparently, the idea of "modernization" of the armies of the post-Soviet republics to this day haunt the hot heads in Washington. Now Brooks running the command above, desired to test the skills of the U.S. military, "teachers-innovators" in Tajik and Uzbek armies. On the one hand it can cause severe concern: that the South American troops again try to impose Russia and arrange another provocation in her the address. On the other hand, Raden Yankees can only posoboleznovat. With all due respect to the Uzbek and Tajik servicemen should note that these are not the people who can decide on a real confrontation with the army of Russian Federation. Even zabugornye are independent experts admit, speaking diplomatic language that army such as Tajikistan — is poorly integrated formation, in which time and again there is such a thing as blatant cronyism and disunity. Apparently, Americans pretty bad for themselves are as Tajik and Uzbek mentality. Military training is, quite frankly, not the most powerful side these peoples. It turns out that the Americans deliberately choose for themselves in the "Unskilled worker" who at the sight of the battlefield strong opponent immediately turns "to the hut." Or it's just one more self-confidence on the part of Washington — say, even of these "warriors" will create a legion.

In general, it is difficult to imagine being a provocation by Tajik troops against the Russian Federation, where the lion fraction of the budget of Tajikistan consists of the translation sent by their compatriots who are earning money in Moscow. After the incident with the pilots released it became more than clear.

But on the other hand, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan did not want to lose sight of "profitable" proposals from Washington. Get new weapons virtually nothing, or almost nothing well, from the standpoint of the Asian 'partners', it would be a good option. In this situation it is possible to attract the attention of the same Russian side. Say, will not invest in us, we begin to cooperate with the United States — the position of the modern world is completely understandable.

Omniscient website WikiLeaks announced the secret report of the 1st American diplomat, in which are contained the following data: Dushanbe is ready to provide the South American military base and a number of objects of interest to the Pentagon. With all of this as the first part of the "South American New Year's gift" members of the army of Tajikistan received from the Pentagon about three sets of gear and equipment for parts frisky response. Past airfield DOSAAF Fakhrabad already transformed the Yankees into a military base.

In all likelihood, and Karimov and Rahmon off to participate in a double play, while not ignoring the possible consequences.

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