Tajikistan gives the RF base rent in exchange for military protection

Tajikistan gives the RF base rent in exchange for military protectionDushanbe (Reuters) — Tajikistan has agreed to extend the lease free of Russian military bases in 10's years in exchange for a promise to support the Kremlin's new president, Emomali Rahmon, whose regime is tested for strength of disputes with unhappy in the provinces and in frequent clashes with militants.

Close to the negotiations senior sources Russian and Tajik side, pronounced Reuters that expires in two years lease contract being prepared for signing in October Dushanbe forward to the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The text of the contract on the basis of ready. Will be signed for a period of 20-29 years. Likely, for 29 years" — said source the Government of Tajikistan.

"No money matters not mentioned in the contract, in other words, no means no one with whom to take will not."

Officials from the Russian Federation and Tajikistan declined to comment on the preparation of the agreement.

Source, close to the Russian delegation, said Reuters that Moscow, which supported Rahmon during a bloody civilian war in Tajikistan in the 90's, is ready to once again assist an ally.

"We are in the (future) contract is a 29-year-old stay gratuitous 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan," — he said.

According to him, a significant impact on compliance Dushanbe had the last action in the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous.

The inhabitants of a remote region in the Pamir Mountains in August after a 2-day rallies have gained from Dushanbe promises to withdraw additional special forces whose clash with militants led by rebel colonel claimed the frontier 10s lives. Pamirs in civilian war supported the enemies Rahmon. Rahmon may run for another seven-year term in the presidential election in November 2013th, but experts they say that inconstancy may undermine his popularity and fraught with new violence.

"Given the recent activity in Tajikistan, the presence of Russian military base was necessary deterrent" — said Russian the source.

"Islamists are asleep, and behold the they come to power in Tajikistan. All this exacerbated by the likely consequences of leaving the Yankees from Afghanistan in two years."

NATO forces are going to leave the adjoining Afghanistan, and the West is in talks with Dushanbe and Tashkent on the criteria for the transit of troops. Rahmon stressed the role of his country, saying that the military base in Tajikistan want to acquire an unnamed "other countries."

Rahmon and past president of the then RF Dmitry Medvedev in September 2011 announced that they have agreed to extend the deployment of Russian military base for another 49 years, but not fastened it on paper, continuing to open a discussion conditions.

Sources in Dushanbe, they say that Putin is able to make a stop here early October on the way to Pakistan. According to the Pakistani press, on October 3 in Islamabad scheduled favorites quadripartite meeting of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and Tajikistan.

"While the opportunity to shake down the visit of the Russian head of state in October on the way to or from Pakistan, where he is in any case will hold a bilateral meeting with President of Tajikistan (Emomali Rahmon)," — said Russian the source.


The base in Tajikistan has 6,000 troops deployed near the cities of Dushanbe, Kulyab and Kurgan-Tube, and is the largest land Russian military objectives located outside Russia.

The Tajik government is afraid of the people's anger against the background of continuing poverty and performances in the Arab countries, and finds support in Moscow, Reuters said, a Central Asia expert Jamshed Kadyrov.

"Tajikistan has no other choice: the management of the country is well aware that to remain so in the middle of a fundamental strategic site — not ideal," — he said.

"Russian military base is now a typical umbrella to protect from the effects of anger or other countries," — said Kadyrov, who has recently moved from Dushanbe to Moscow, as well as a million of its citizens who can not find work at home.

Our homeland is afraid that the impact of "Taliban" and other design movements in the adjoining Afghanistan, who shared with Tajikistan 1,344-kilometer border, could spread to the southern borders of the CIS, and considers its base in the country as a deterrent.

Own forces in Dushanbe is not a lot, he said.

"Recent (center of Badakhshan) Khorog have shown that if there are many hot spots military forces in the country will be very tight," — said Kadyrov.

Tajik army in the main consist of representatives of the poorest sections of the population. Small foreign exchange allowances for officers forced many of them to leave for Russia — to serve in its army or become a guest worker. Exclusively in Russia are about a million Tajik people. Local media reported that Tajik fighters during an operation in Badakhshan appealed to the local population with requests to feed them.

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