Take bags of sugar, oil — boxes

Consumer excitement caused by lack of currency in banks, has spread to all regions of Belarus. People are buying sugar, oil, pasta, rice and other products whose prices are tied to the dollar. Buyers are confident that in the event of devaluation all this inevitably become more expensive.

Grodno region

The euro exchange rate — 6000 rubles. Sugar dismantle bags

The Grodno region in some stores already bought monthly rate of sugar. People wait for the next price increase.

In some villages and towns so happens that the stores on some days there is no sugar, but then he was bringing up. One gentleman from Berestovitsky district says that in their store took the sugar bags, and now brought only refined sugar, which is more expensive.

In the words of Mr, expensive everything from fuel. Sausages in stores — 40 thousand rubles, they almost nobody buys. I ask — what people in the village say about this?

Mr."Oh, well, what people say? There are "the dark places", and even with higher education are nonsense with Lukashenko's propaganda. They do not even know that they are sitting still presidential candidates. "

In one of the Grodno stores Mr. and Mrs. two hands are purchasing. Interested in — so that is bought in stores now?

Mr."There's a look, take a sugar bags: two, three, four … People say it will go up … ".

Woman: "The oil and cereals. Buckwheat buy, say, and pain will be expensive, some say that the bread will cost 5000 … . "

"The store prices are converted to the euro"

And Mrs. Lida district says that in the village shops are not only sugar disappears-problematic purchase other goods which are brought from abroad, began as a very high transfer rate of the euro and the dollar.

Woman: "I myself wanted to buy for a summer kitchen insulation and siding, but the store is already considered for the euro, and the euro is considered one of our six thousand rubles. I had to refrain, as we have no currency. "

What will happen to prices and the currency in the village do not know, but Mrs. says that people on April 14, await the next price rise.

say that the 14th will rise again and the fuel and food …

Woman: "You see, raised the price of fuel, and are now saying that the 14th will rise again and the fuel and food. Sugar is supposedly going to cost 7000, and oil — per liter to 15,000 … . "

Vitebsk Region

"Once on Belarusian radio heard the butter and sugar will not go up, then immediately run to the store!"

Vitebsk pensioner Galina Lyumarava learned about the high demand for oil, and sugar from state radio:

"I heard on the radio some man says," Do not be afraid, comrades, oil and sugar will not go up ". As soon as I heard it — a run to the store. Sugar — it does not bother me, I almost do not use it, but the oil — this is serious! I seek, I ask, and vendor says to me: "You are too late, for two days as a rose!" Ae her! I see oil "Kum", which cost 5100-5200, is worth 6100 — 6200. Rather I went to the bazaar and there are already at 7 and 8000 was? ".

Shelves with oil in Vitebsk is not empty. Appeared, for example, corn oil almost 8,000 rubles, or rape — by 6000. Sunflower oil stands at an average of 7000, so Mrs. Lyudmila considers herself lucky:

"She found oil at 5900, and now go buy cereals"

found oil at 5900, and now go buy cereals …

"And the oil found on the 5900, and now go buy the rump. Now buy millet and rice more! For buckwheat I do not look already, for me it is very heavy … Although millet and unmanageable already: last year, I bought it in 1200, and now 3 NINE But by the end of the month, I think, and it's more expensive. "

Excitement around the butter and sugar has affected not only the regional center, but also the regions. Tatiana from the Deep buy sugar from the first failed:

"We have a wholesale shop. There had to take sugar. My house is over, even on the pancakes were not … Come and tell me that anymore. How, I ask, it's only brought yesterday? "Disassembled" — say. "And how many have brought it to you?" — To take an interest. They say: "So ton, and for a day all sorted out." Of course, then they bring it back, but again dismantled. We found one store and bought 10 pounds, and there it is again no. "

Rose and oil, said Tatiana:

"I was at the market on Sunday. So at 10,000 already selling oil. Minimum Price — 7500, 7800, and some 10,000 are asking for. And most importantly, no one is trading or thousands nobody will overthrow the price! Everyone says, "You know, we can not, now the country is such a complex situation …". I think that the U.S. is not, then people invest in sugar, someone in that can. On the other hand, said that the price increase will be … . "

Rumors in the region: "It is already imported sugar to 7 th. per kg »

The Vitebsk region there are rumors that the stores have brought sugar to 7,000 per kilo — is twice as expensive as its current price. Official warnings about the rise in prices unheard of, but that all that can be more expensive, almost no one doubts.


Authorities do not have faith that the price will remain the same

Cereals, sugar, flour — the demand for these products are the highest in Mogilev. Deficiency of these products do not. People take them into the reserve.

Buying food mostly elderly people, because it does not give faith belief that prices will remain the same and the deficit will not be. This category of buyers morning bypass shops and markets in search of cheaper goods. Which products are most in demand in the fastest-rising prices? Here are some of the best.

"Buckwheat — you know, was a stir, and then increased in price. Here millet was 4400 per kilogram. Now here's the sugar — stir. Supposedly more expensive. That's why people are taking. "

"Today there was no sugar and oil become more expensive"

Mrs."The oil price increased. And cereals, especially rice. A thousand it probably went up. Just today there was no sugar. "

Woman: "And the pasta, and cereals and oil. But was told that is not necessary to buy up. "

"How long will the hype, no one says"

Buyers younger the hype react calmly. His explain — that's how this woman:

"Some people have nothing to do, so they do everything intentionally. Here's trade profitably. And someone else is also beneficial because people do so. "

On the question of who is this mysterious "someone", she just shrugged. And quickly left the shopping pavilions, so there was no sugar. Same vendor in Hall said that she still is.

In stores confirms that there is a stir in food. How much does he have survived is unknown:

"How to take flour, and charge. Today, more people are at work, but they will go and they will take. I then removed the girl from
the cash register, the packaged as sugar as a take, and take. People — do not listen to what we have everything in order, "- said the head of one of the grocery stores.

A neighbor took it, and I'll go. She took 5 pounds, and I'll take 10 …

Her colleague from another store trying to explain what is involved in the excessive demand for food:

"It was a temporary psychosis, but, in my opinion, it's already asleep."

"A neighbor took it, and I'll go. She took 5 pounds, and I'll take 10 "

Reporter: "What used to understand? '.

"Sugar, butter. This is due, I believe the rumors that the dollar will continue to grow, and with the increase in prices. Gregarious instinct. A neighbor took it, and I'll go. She took five pounds, and I'll take ten. That's the situation. "

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