Talking with Minsk have his own language: the ultimatum and blackmail

Lending conditions of Belarus by Russia are becoming more violent. Among the requirements — not only mandatory economic reforms and privatization of enterprises, but also the storage of human rights, access to free information, etc. Should I rely on external borrowing, without taking steps towards democratization?

Russian news agency "RIA Novosti", citing an anonymous source in the Kremlin said: Belarus, the receipt of credit of the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund in the amount of 1 billion 240 million dollars will be linked with the possibility of a normal work in Belarus, the Russian media. After the order of Alexander Lukashenko to "deal with the journalists" who allegedly guilty of currency and consumer frenzy, representatives of Russian media experience on more and more attention by the security services.

Today the head of the presidential administration Vladimir Makey such statements are described as "absolute nonsense", although confirmed, if necessary, the Belarusian side is preparing to announce specific facts of the Russian media of negative materials about Belarus "orders from above".

Viktor Erofeev

Famous Russian writer and social activist Viktor Erofeev, made by the Belarusian authorities in the "black list" of undesirable persons, is convinced to talk with the leaders of Belarus can only be his own language — ultimatums and blackmail. Now, according to Mr. Erofeev, should be the main requirement is not only to provide basic freedoms, but also the release of political prisoners:

"I believe that all of the Belarusian opposition, in general, all the people who were outraged by the dirty methods of the election campaign, they first of all citizens of our country, not the defendants. I mean" defendants "in terms of public interpretation, and not from the perspective of law the legitimate expression of the will of any individual in a free country. So my position is absolutely clear, there is not even a particularly talk about what all political prisoners be released from prison. As a participant in the action, and the alleged organizers of the riots, the deadline for which all do not give any explanation. Just a legal mess. "

In question, and announced at the end of last week a large loan from the owner of the company "Uralkali" Suleiman Kerimov. Russian oligarch billion initially agreed to "advance payment" in cooperation with "BPC" and followed an eye on the privatization of the assets of Salihorsk "Belaruskaliy." However, after the statements on Friday Alexander Lukashenko, who has once again declared the inadmissibility of "gangster sale" of state property, the businessman took a break. Russian media while writing that Kerimov, abandoning the priority plans, citing "the inadequacy of the government of Belarus."

In today's press release, which proposed to apply to the office of "Vralkaliya," says a prepayment of $ 1 billion dollars in favor of "Belaruskali" in a joint sale of potash being considered, but there is no guarantee the transaction.

Victor Tereshchenko

Economist Victor Tereshchenko says that the already not very high confidence in the leadership of Belarus lost completely. On He said, government signed the complete inability to stabilize the economic situation in the first place — in the financial market, which is due to administrative intervention of the National Bank paralyzed for three months. Invest the same money in the economy of the country, on the verge of default, no sane investor will not;

"Today, only Lukashenko can still speculate on the topic of selling potash plant, something else. But in fact, no one is buying, because nobody wants an unexpected turn of events. Country risk, that's what our image. I said with emotion, because you can still make a difference, I state and offered their assistance, as among all the presidential candidates was the only scientist and economist. I've always said before, and do it now: how to get out of the crisis, how to stabilize the position. I repeat: there is still time, but a little — a month and a half. We already have a default, that is — in all areas of bankruptcy. "

Even the pro-government experts increasingly urge the authorities to move from words to deeds. So, on Belarusian television analyst pro-governmental Georgy Grits stated belief: in case of foreign loans to direct resources to the structural reforms that the National Bank finally able to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities.

But the possibility of external borrowing becomes more elusive. The head of the IMF mission to Belarus Chris Jarvis, Get an idea of the current economic situation in Belarus, in a conversation with Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich made it clear that the parties still have a long way to come to a common position. The Belarusian government has asked the IMF for a loan of $ 8 billion.

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